Is It Really Expensive To Maintain A Volkswagen?

Purchasing a new vehicle is seriously a task. Buyers have to consider many things before finally picking their ideal car. Especially if the car is a luxury brand like Volkswagen, thoughts like maintenance and repair costs are bound to circulate in your mind. Is it tough to maintain a Volkswagen? Where is it in comparison to the other brands of the lot? 

We can help if you have the same question. It would be best if you read till the end to know everything about Volkswagen, its maintenance frequency and cost, repair cost, and many more important consumer questions.  

Why Are Volkswagen Cars Considered Expensive To Maintain? Is It A Myth? 

It is one of the best German auto brands, and it has served consumers well for decades. Volkswagen is not just a brand name but a trustworthy and reliable car chain. Its versatility is the reason for misconceptions circulating regarding its price. 

It is true to some extent that it is not exactly pocket-friendly because of its purchasing price. However, the case is not the same as its maintenance cost. In fact, it is less costly to maintain than other brands like Mercedes Benz and Audi.  

With high-quality brands like Volkswagen, it is useful to see the total expenses in the long run (like 5-6 years) instead of single repairs, which is obviously high for every car.  

Are There Any Factors Affecting Volkswagen Maintenance Costs? 

Absolutely yes! Like any other car, many ordinary to trivial issues influence Volkswagen’s maintenance costs. Take a look at these factors below- 

  • Size of the vehicle- Bigger the vehicle, the higher is its maintenance cost. If you have a higher-end model of larger size, its parts would also be big, and purchasing costs will also sweep. 
  • How the driver uses the car- If you’re a rough driver, the car will obtain some scratches, and there are high chances of minor to severe road accidents. So, in this case, the safety and maintenance cost is in your hands. 
  • The car service you use- Yes, it is an important factor because the car service used determines the repairing costs as it may differ from shop to shop. Some service centers charge higher, while some charge minimal dollars. Therefore, always choose the center that has good customer reviews and trust.  

Generally, the model of the car also affects the costs because of the varying prices of the part.  

What Costs Are Covered Under Warranty? 

Volkswagen warranty plan provides coverage of up to 3 years or 36,000 miles. Under this plan, the company covers manufacturers’ defects like material and mechanical defaults. It doesn’t cover repairing and replacement costs. However, it will cover some maintenance costs on schedule. 

Under a paid scheduled maintenance, they cover oil and repairing costs. While picking on the warranty plan for the car it is advised to take one that offers an extended warranty period for the car, this would help in saving little money.

According to a recent upgrade in their factory warranty plans, Volkswagen has reduced the plan from 6 years to 4 years per 50,000 miles. They have also started a carefree maintenance program that covers 20,000 miles.  

What Comes Under Volkswagen’s Prepaid And Carefree Maintenance Program? 

The carefree maintenance program was launched by Volkswagen and has been effective since 2020. It covers maintenance up to 20,000 miles in 2 years. When this plan is exhausted, buyers can opt for a prepaid program that has different packages covering costs up to 80,000 miles. 

These programs are launched to cover the dealership costs. Volkswagen is surely leaving no stone unturned to satisfy its customers.  

What Does A Generic Volkswagen Maintenance Cost?

Volkswagen backfires all the assumptions about being high maintenance. According to a recent survey by YourMechanic, amongst 30 car companies, Volkswagen was the least expensive to maintain with an average cost of $7,800 per 10 years. It ranked 22 on the list, including diverse Mercedes, Toyota, Kia cars, and many more. 

In fact, they cost less than the budget-oriented Kia cars, Hyundai and Chevrolet. On the other hand, it is just $600 higher than the cheap cars from Honda and Nissan. 

What Comprises The Standard Volkswagen Maintenance List?

Usually, the standard maintenance plan is similar to other car brands covering oil changes, wearing out of parts, and tires. RepairPal conducted research enlisting the following maintenance costs of the car- 

  • Oil change costs between $128 to $154 
  • Tire rotation starts at $58 and goes up to $74 
  • Spark plugs costs between $184 to $252 
  • Air filter costs between $64 to $108 

As mentioned earlier, you should look for the long-term cost instead of a single repair in the case of Volkswagen because the one-time repair is expensive. 

What Are The Best Ways To Lower Volkswagen Maintenance Costs?

  • If you want to lower the repairing costs, you must maintain your car with proper servicing. Service it after every 10,000 miles. Doing so secures additional oil changes, spark plugs, filters, tire rotation, etc. Costs.  
  • You can safeguard your expenses by purchasing extended warranties that are effective after your warranty expires. Under the extension, it covers costly repairs. 
  • Don’t go for dealership repairs if you have a local repairing certified mechanic for VW.  
  • Modern-day techniques have advanced a lot, allowing the users to repair the car themselves through online tutorials. These easy DIY videos train you in repairing basic stuff like making changes in the audio system and changing tires. It is always fun to do it yourself at home while saving a lot of dollars. 

Final Thoughts

Is Volkswagen expensive to maintain? You’ve got your answer by now, and that is no! In the past few years, Volkswagen broke all misconceptions about how expensive it is to maintain them. Furthermore, you may also cut down on the existing maintenance costs with the steps mentioned above.  

Volkswagen has a legacy in the automotive market for its reliability. Manufacturer issues are unlikely to arrive, yet in case of defects, you can easily get it repaired for free if your car is under warranty period. It offers a four-year warranty and covers 50,000 miles, and the rest can be covered with a free maintenance scheme for 2 years.

Overall, Volkswagen is your one-stop destination for less expensive maintenance globally! 

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