How To Connect Two Wires Without Soldering

While making a circuit connection, you come across loose wires, but you do not have a soldering iron to connect these wires. Fret not! Here are some easy methods to attach those loosely connected wires without much effort. It’s not only safe and saves time but also allows you to fix the wires without soldering.

Should You Join Loose Wires?

It is essential to join loosely connected wires together to maintain the proper flow of electricity to all the electrical appliances without causing any interruption. Whether the wires are loosely connected or too short that you need to increase the length, make sure to get the job done quickly to avoid any short circuit issues. With reverse polarity in mind, make sure to connect the wires in the right place to get your electronic items working properly once again.

Understanding The Basics Of Connecting Two Wires 

You can easily connect two wires using different methods without using a soldering iron. However, each method requires various tools and materials to fix the job. If you have trouble finding the right tools, drop by a local electronics or hardware store to get the necessary supplies. 

If you’re planning to connect the wires of a temporary circuit, opt for low strength category methods as it will be easy to disconnect later. When it comes to permanent circuit wires, choosing a medium to high strength method would be the best choice.

Most wires in a circuit are coated with a plastic insulator that protects them from heat and keeps other wires from getting in touch with it. It is essential to connect wires to remove the plastic insulation to get a bear end, otherwise known as stripping the wires.

You will need pliers, cutters or wire strippers, and a few stranded wires. Each wire stripper will have holes with a number that represents the hole’s width or gauge. Wider wires have smaller gauge numbers. 

In most of the methods used for connecting wires without soldering, you will have to twist both the wires together to get them fixed.

For twisting the wires together, you would have to get rid of the insulation, hold both wires sideways, and twist them using your fingers. This will give you a reasonably strong connection that does not pull apart even after applying a small force.

Effective Methods To Connect Wires Without Soldering 

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of how to work with wires, let’s find out the different ways in which you can connect two loosely attached wires without using a soldering iron. 

1. Crimping Method

For crimping two wires together, you will need specialized tools. It is one of the strongest methods, and with a certain amount of practice, you will be able to master it in no time. The tools needed are available online on local electronics or hardware stores.

Things needed:

  • Crimping tools. 
  • Code crimps or thin metallic tube piece of 3/4″ length
  • Stripped wires. 

Steps to follow:

  • Bare the wires from the plastic insulation coating up to 1/4” and insert the stripped portion into the crimp all the way to the insulation covering. 
  • Then place the crimp in the crimping tool’s notch and squeeze the plier till the crimp gets crushed to form a U-shaped bend. 
  • Tug the wires strongly to make sure they are connected firmly. 

2. Twisting And Taping Method

This is one of the easiest methods for fixing wires that are primarily stationary or need a temporary fix. All you need to do is twist the wires and get them wrapped up with electrical tape to get the job done.

Though this is not a viable method, it is easy and comes in handy as a quick fix. Moreover, this method is more economical and easy to undo and reinforce until you find a better solution. 

Things needed:

  • Electrical tape roll.

Steps to follow:

  • To join the two loose wires by twisting, eliminate the insulation layer around the one-inch length. 
  • Wind the wires individually till it is tightly wound together. 
  • Next, place the wires at the center of a connector and twist them till they are firm and tight. 
  • Once the wires are wound tightly, cover the naked wire part with insulation tape. 
  • This method offers excellent flexibility and will continue to bend with becoming hard or brittle over time. 

3. Electrical Tape Method

The electrical tape method offers medium strength to the wire joints and is an old-school method that is often used today. With less effort and minimal supplies, this method works great for insulating joints that require permanent connections. 

Things needed:

  • Two wires end. 
  • Electrical tape rolls. 

Steps to follow:

  • To begin with, twist both the wires to get a firm twist and place them on top of the electric tape strip. 
  • Wound the electrical tape around the wires around 6 to 7 times to ensure that it is entirely covered up. 
  • Give a firm tug to make sure the connection is firm and tight. 

4. Hot Glue Method:

Connecting two wires using the hot glue method gives high strength to the joints and provides good insulation to the connecting wires. As the glue cools down quickly, you need not clamp the wires together to connect them. 

Things needed:

  • Set of wires. 
  • Hot glue gun. 
  • Sticks.

Steps to follow:

  • Heat the glue gun and apply a glob of glue at the ends of the twisted wires. 
  • Using the nozzle of a glue gun or a wooden stick, swirl the glue around the ends of the wire. This gives a stronger bond than simply leaving a globe of glue on it. 
  • Make sure to coat the entire stripped portion of the twisted wire with hot glue and allow it to cool. This provides a strong connection and better insulation for the connecting wires. 

Final Words

Though soldering is one of the best ways to connect two wires, at times, soldering may not be the option at hand. This is when the other methods come in handy such as twisting two wires together using your bare hands or trying the crimping method.

With a certain amount of confidence and sufficient know-how, you can fix most electrical wire connections safely and soundly without using solder. 

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