How Long Do Ford Fusions Last

There is no doubt that one of the most frequently asked questions in the lives of people who have this vehicle of the American brand is how long do Ford Fusions last?

Only in this article, you will learn what factors are involved in its useful life, and you will discover the best recommendations now that the production of the Ford Fusion ends with the 2020 model.

Factors Influencing The Service Life Of Ford Fusions

First, you need to know that depending on how you use your Ford Fusion, it may or may not last long. There are several factors to take into account:

1. Oil change.

If you change the oil regularly, there will be better lubrication, and the friction between each of the metal parts that are part of the vehicle will be reduced. Failure to do so can damage the engine.

2. Proper replacement of fluids

Just like oil, there are other important fluids for your car. Among them, you will find:

  • Antifreeze
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Windshield

You should replace each one of them after a certain time and before they are completely used up. This is the only way to keep your car in good working order and avoid unwanted surprises.

3. Transmission maintenance

This system is in charge of making the wheels move. They derive the power and force generated by the engine, and in this way, the vehicle manages to move correctly.

4. Change the air filter

It helps to keep the engine free of external solid residues. In addition, it plays a fundamental role in fuel consumption.

With a dirty filter, the air will not pass through, and the combustion mixture may be altered.

5. Spark plug replacement

Spark plugs are a vital component for any vehicle. Simply put, they make the car’s ignition system work.

It is important that you replace them after they have completed their cycle.

Ford Fusion Features

In order to know the useful life of these vehicles, it is necessary to know their main characteristics:

1. First-generation

The first Ford Fusion was based on the Mazda 6. They incorporated a total of three chrome bars and their gasoline engines had up to 162 hp of power.

Its gearbox had five gears, which was manual. The following models, on the other hand, brought a variation of the automatic gearbox with one more gear.

In 2010 there was a redesign and a new six-speed transmission system was added. In addition, among the new additions was a fuel deceleration cut-off, in order to improve the current fuel economy.

2. New generation

New changes arrived for the Ford Fusion, and among them we have:

  • Automatic gearboxes
  • Suspension and tire configurations
  • Safety system
  • Higher-capacity engine
  • Intelligent traction

A hybrid model was designed, which could run on gasoline or electricity. Thanks to its automatic transmissions, it became a very popular car among the crowds.

This version was redesigned in 2017, and by that time, many of the internal components had the technology. Thanks to this, the Ford Fusion continues to stand out in the market.

Currently, the 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid combines power and efficiency with premium aesthetics.

How Long Do Ford Fusions Last

A Ford Fusion can typically last up to 200,000 miles if you keep up a good maintenance routine. Some owners have claimed that the car can last 15 years, but that largely depends on the model year, engine type, and how many miles you drive per year.

1. Miles

Miles are a unit of length used in many countries around the world. Generally, they are used for airplanes, large and small vehicles. When it comes to automobiles, miles will be key.

Every automobile will have a maximum number of miles to be driven. Upon reaching its limit, the vehicle will stop running. This will depend on the model you purchase, as no two are alike.

As far as miles are concerned, Ford Fusions can last up to 200,000 miles.

2. Engine type

Another aspect you should start considering is the type of engine the car has. It will have a lot to do with how long it lasts, and there will be versions that will have a longer life span.

3. Year of the vehicle

The year of the car is essential. If you buy a 2007 version, it is likely that its parts are already very worn out, and it may be a bit difficult to find spare parts.

Since some may no longer be produced, this will only accelerate the wear and tear process.

4. Quality of maintenance

Haste will not be of much help in these cases. It is best to take your time and change the parts and replace the internal fluids of the vehicle properly.

Poor maintenance will only cause more damage to the structure of your car, and instead of gaining, you will lose.

Ford Fusion Problems

Despite being renowned cars, Ford Fusion cars can present different types of faults. Some of the most common problems in these cars are:

  • Engine stalls
  • Fires
  • Loss of acceleration
  • Transmission replacement
  • Leaks
  • Steering failures

Each of these breakdowns can be improved by performing optimal maintenance on your model.

When Should I Change The Components Of A Ford Fusion?

The service life of your Ford Fusion’s most important components will vary depending on how you use it.

1. Spark plugs and glow plugs

It will depend on driving conditions. Modern versions can withstand between 30,000 and 60,000 miles before they begin to fail.

2. Engine filters

You must respect the mileage indicated by the car manufacturers. You can check the air filter at 9,000 miles and replace it every 20,000 miles.

3. Steering systems

Steering systems should be checked periodically. It has an impact on the car’s performance, so you should be very attentive.

4. Drum brakes

The rear brake has an average life of approximately 80,000 miles. It is recommended to have it checked every 30 thousand miles.

Never do it by yourself. Always go to your trusted workshop or, better yet, to the nearest dealer.

Final Thoughts – How Long Do Ford Fusions Last?

You now have a complete understanding of how long a Ford Fusion can last and the many variables that influence its lifespan.

If properly maintained and repaired, the Ford Fusion should last about 15 years (approximately 250,000 miles).

It all depends on how you drive your Ford Fusion. You can benefit from its services for a long time if you take excellent care of it and don’t abuse it on the road.

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