Bulb Grease – What Is It and How to Apply It?

Every car owner wants to modify their car’s lighting system. If you want to know how to do it, you need to find out what bulb grease is, and you also need to learn the ways to apply it correctly. 

What Is Bulb Grease?

Is dielectric grease that is made of silicone. People use it to avoid corrosion or dust from damaging the electrical connections of a vehicle. It can be applied on:

  • Floor lamps.
  • Batteries.
  • Light bulbs.
  • Headlights.

Car owners tend to choose the silicone oil called PDMS, and it presents a fumed silica with powerful thickening characteristics. Plenty of manufacturers use bulb grease to save money and effort, and if you decide to utilize it, you will prevent your car from suffering corrosion. 

With the help of this grease, you won’t have to repair your car so often, and you can use it in different lighting systems. Also, bulb grease will act as a shield against anything you want to apply to it and they are completely waterproof.

For example, if you feel like applying it on connections that are exposed to moisture, this grease is going to seal the connectors to prevent them from entering the electrical components. 

How To Apply Bulb Grease

To apply it correctly, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Remove the electrical components 

This first step is essential. First, you need to unplug the connectors, but be careful while doing so. These components are fragile, and if you make a wrong move, you could break them. 

2. Clean the electrical parts 

Clean the components by doing these steps:

  1. Use soda.
  2. Mix it with water.
  3. Grab a small brush to wipe wires.
  4. Dip the wire into the cleaning mixture you just made.
  5. Use the brush to clean every connector and the light bulbs.
  6. Do not use brute force while cleaning.
  7. Keep cleaning until the electrical parts are completely clean.

3. Remove all the dirt 

Get a small screwdriver and start scraping the dirt that it’s adhered to the light bulb’s connectors. Try to be careful. 

4. Apply the bulb grease 

  1. Open the tub of bulb grease. 
  2. Apply a small quantity to the light bulb’s surfaces.
  3. The grease is going to prevent rust and corrosion from appearing on the bulb’s materials. Also, electricity will flow better through it. 

5. Put the connector back into place 

Lastly, you need to reassemble the connector. Reconnect every electrical piece carefully, and if you notice grease leaking out of the connector, clean it with a small towel. 

Benefits Of Applying Bulb Grease

Light bulbs can be damaged by corrosion, and over time, they will stop working. To avoid having to deal with this, you can apply bulb grease. It can prevent rust from forming in electrical connections, and it will improve the electrical flow. 

Besides, it’s going to help you save money. You won’t have to replace your vehicle’s light bulbs too much, and if you ever notice moisture or corrosion on the electrical components, you’ll know what to do. 

Liam Dare

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