Best Transmission Cooler For 4l60e

General Motors’ full-size trucks are very reliable in terms of maintenance and repairability, which is why many older vehicles are still on the road today. The driveline temperature, as well as the engine temperature, must be regulated to avoid overheating. This is where the best 4160e transmission cooler will come in handy.

The transmission cooling system is one area that can be easily upgraded. A variety of transmission cooler upgrade options is available for the Silverado and Sierra. Installing a transmission cooler on your vehicle is a simple process that can be completed in your driveway in a matter of hours by the typical do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Equipping your 4160e with the best transmission cooler available is a significant investment. Choosing the wrong transmission cooler can cause your gearbox to overheat and create problems in the rest of your powertrain. By selecting the right cooler for your vehicle, you can expect key components to surviving much longer.

However, what features should you look for when buying the best transmission cooler? What types of transmission coolers do the best transmission coolers exist in, and what types of transmission coolers can cause the rest of your car to collapse when they fail? The purpose of this article is to examine some of the best transmission coolers for 4l60e available and explain why they are so effective.

Best Transmission Cooler For 4l60e

The shape and scale of the gearbox cooler differ, and it is critical to do research to determine the right combination for your vehicle based on your needs. There is a gearbox cooler to suit your needs, whether you decide to increase transmission cooling performance for regular vehicles, need towing or additional transmission cooling in a truck or SUV, or for a rally race in a Corvette or F-body.

We’ve tested the best gearbox coolers for different applications, and these coolers can be found in any car, truck, or SUV equipped with a 4l60e transmission. Here’s our pick of the four best gearbox coolers for your 4l60e!

1. Hayden 679 transmission cooler

With the Hayden Automotive 679 (1679) a safe transmission temperature is maintained. The durable plate and fin design of this cooler will not only effectively cool your vehicle’s transmission, but will also withstand the daily abuse of rocks and debris.

The Hayden 679 also has a GVW of 30,000 pounds and can tow up to 10,000 pounds (if your vehicle is rated to do so). With a 30,000-pound GVW, it can be used on Class A mobile homes, large travel trailers, and fifth-wheel trailers.

The Hayden 679 is a great transmission cooler. So much so that it is recommended in our drag racing and towing guides, as it is versatile and affordable. The price of this cooler is hard to beat!

2. B&M 70264 transmission cooler

If you’re looking for a transmission cooler that has proven to be corrosion resistant, this may be your best option, according to the manufacturer. This includes a complete DIY installation kit, allowing you to do the installation yourself and give your transmission the extra upgrade it deserves. This is a fin and tube cooler that will be extremely durable and tough, allowing it to withstand any type of abuse it may encounter.

While pressure tested to 200 PSI, this can help keep your transmission cool and free from any kind of stress when you are doing some heavy lifting or towing. Complies with transmission standard 4160e. It can be found in a variety of trucks equipped with 4160e gearboxes, as well as mid-size cars and SUVs.

3. Derale 15300 tube and fin cooler

The Derale 15300 tubular fin cooler is a well-known heavy-duty gearbox cooler. The huge size of the 4160e transmitter makes it efficient even under high pressure. Compared to other tube and fin coolers, this one has 16 rows of coolers.

Inlet pressures are 250 PSI level and 300 PSI burst. It can withstand high pressures without leaking. The gearbox cooler has 8an connections at the inlet and outlet for maximum cooling efficiency. The Derale 15300 fin tube cooler is ideal for drivers with 4160e transmissions.

4. Tru Cool 40k

The Tru Cool Max 40k is a powerful gearbox cooler for 4l60e trucks and SUVs. This cooler is one of the largest and heaviest coolers available today, weighing in at 40,000 lbs.

Tru Fun 40k comes in two versions, LPD47391, and LPD4739. The LPD4739 fork cooler has a thermal bypass. This thermal bypass helps the fluid reach its optimum operating temperature until it can fully circulate through the device.

The Tru Cool Max 40k utilizes Tru Cool’s internal low-pressure drop (LPD) technology. The cooler design allows for more efficient cooling of the transmission oil.

5. B&M 70266

The B&M SuperCooler 70266 is a heavy-duty cooler intended to meet the high-temperature cooling requirements of gearboxes. The B&M 70266 is a severe cooler with a stacked plate configuration that can be used in a variety of heavy-duty applications.

This radiator is a decent substitute for those who want to race. Not only for decorative reasons but also because the scale of the cooler allows for optimum heat dissipation. The B&M 70266’s 1/2-inch NPT threads allow the use of -6an or -8an custom tubing and fittings.

The B&M 70266 is seen mounted on the Trailblazer SS (4l70e) with a race guide, with the tubing routed in place of the brake line and braided drive cable.

If you want to compete with the 4l60e, the B&M 70266 transmission cooling system is the way to go. This cooler’s high-efficiency laminated plate construction and heavy-duty durability will survive the harsh environments of drag racing and heavy-duty gearbox cooling specifications.

What is a Transmission Cooler?

In essence, the transmission cooler is a tiny radiator that is activated when the engine is started, and whose function is to cool the oil passing through it as it passes close by. To do this, the component is equipped with cooling fins that are driven by the flow of outside air.

Each of these components uses different cooling methods. For example, they may be water-cooled. However, regardless of the type, the goal is to maintain a balanced temperature inside the engine while ensuring proper lubrication of its components by keeping the oil at the correct temperature and viscosity levels.

What is the location of the transmission cooler? This component is located directly ahead of the engine cooling system. However, the location of this component can vary depending on the engine: it can be a tube in front of the engine or it can even be incorporated inside the engine block.

In general, lower operating temperatures help improve engine efficiency as well as extend engine life.

Benefits Of Transmission Coolers

Transmission coolers are used in a variety of different situations. The most important, as the name implies, is gearbox oil cooling. The gearbox cooler not only helps to keep the fluid temperature down but also helps to extend the life of the gearbox oil by reducing friction. When gearbox oil gets too hot, it begins to break down and its ability to help the internal gearbox mechanism is greatly reduced.

In most automobiles, the optimum temperature range for gearbox oil is 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Although newer vehicles may be able to cool more effectively, it is recommended that the 4l60e be kept within this temperature range.

The graph showing the effect of heat on transmission and the time it takes to malfunction is shown below. As the saying goes, fire is the number one enemy of the gearbox, so keep the gearbox oil as cool as possible.

Final Thoughts – Best Transmission Cooler For 4l60e

Choosing a transmission cooler requires careful balancing of a number of different variables. Before making a decision, be sure to thoroughly research all of your options and determine which cooler would be most appropriate for your vehicle’s specifications and cooling needs.

The type of transmission cooler you choose has a significant impact on the performance of the 4160e transmission. A good 4160e transmission cooler should be able to meet the needs of your vehicle while providing sufficient cooling capacity for high transmission loads. If you are looking for the best transmission cooler for the 4160e, we recommend any of the above alternatives as excellent choices.

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