How To Adjust Harley Clutch

The clutch of our motorcycle is an essential component for driving. If our clutch uses a cable to connect the lever to the engine cam, you will have to learn to control the tension of the clutch to discover the exact point of tension that is neither too much nor too little.

As you know, the clutch is the component of our motorcycle’s mechanics that allows us to engage and disengage the gearbox. We mainly use it three times: when we start, when we shift gears, and when we come to a complete stop.

If you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle, adjusting the Harley clutch cable is very important. This will help you maintain the safety and responsiveness of the vehicle during a road trip.

Adjusting the clutch is a simple and quick job that you can do even from the comfort of your own seat.

Steps To Adjust A Clutch On A Harley Davidson

If you have a Harley Big Twin motorcycle and want to know how to change the Harley Twin Cam clutch, follow these steps:

Let Your Bike Cool

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the only type of motorcycle on which clutch adjustments should be made is a cold motorcycle. Since clutch changes take less than half an hour, they can be included in the motorcycle’s regular maintenance schedule once you are familiar with the procedure.

Remove the Clutch Cable Cover

It is necessary to have access to the clutch adjuster. This is the small rubber piece that can be seen about halfway into the clutch and protects the cable. Simply slide it up or down to expose the adjuster on the other side.

Now Give the Clutch Slack

In most cases, clutch tension must be released in order to fully tighten the clutch lever and make the necessary modifications.

A bracket is needed to protect the adjuster during this operation. Next, the locknut on the top of the adjuster must be removed to secure the adjuster. A large clearance is also required to release all clutch tension.

Remove the Derby Cover

As you can see, the derby cover is held on by a bunch of screws. Remove them and put them somewhere safe, then remove the derby or clutch cover and set it aside. To avoid injury or other damage, help yourself by holding the outer cover with one hand when removing it.

Unscrew the locknut that holds the clutch adjustment in place using a tool or screwdriver.

Adjusting the Clutch

It is essential not to over-tighten the clutch adjustment. Therefore, it is preferable to use your fingertips rather than any instrument that may generate excessive torque. Tighten until you encounter resistance (or feel the adjuster bottom out), then stop tightening immediately.

Re-adjusting the Jam Nut And Derby Cover

To ensure that the new alignment is maintained, do so with the Allen wrench or screwdriver in position. Tighten the locknut only as far as desired after restoring its original position. You don’t want to force or exaggerate the nipple like the clutch adjuster.

You are going to want to get the bolts into your derby cover manually. If all the bolts are in position, you will tighten them gently, and be careful not to go in a circle, but work against the grain. This provides a better seal and ensures proper seat coverage.

Re-adjust the Clutch Cable And Do A Test Ride

You must now follow the instructions in the service manual to maintain the correct setting. If you are sure you have made the correct adjustment, tighten the lock nut to its original position.

Now it is time to bring the clutch cover back to its original position. You can then test it on the track by taking a motorcycle ride.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to adjust the Harley clutch cable. As a result, to avoid any further Harley clutch adjustment problems after completing the task, please carefully and accurately follow all instructions.

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