Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley Davidson

We discovered the best lift table for Harley motorcycles after evaluating and measuring several elements. Motorcycle lift tables can make maintenance or repairs easier for individuals or workshops.

Lift tables come in a variety of designs, ranging from mechanical to air pump service, and are usually constructed of steel.

These tables can be expensive, however, if you choose them carefully, they will provide you with long-term advantages. That’s why we’ve analyzed and evaluated the best motorcycle lift table for Harley Davidson on the market to make it easier for you to choose the products that fit your needs. Let’s get started.

Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley Davidson

After researching different motorcycle lift table options, we decided on the best choice for Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders. Our best-oversized lifts will help you gain more experience, and lifting a motorcycle would never be a problem.

1. APlusLift MT1500X

It is, in our opinion, the perfect lift for Harley Davidson motorcycles. It can also be used for other types of vehicles, such as ATVs and large motorcycles.

The body construction is mainly made of high-strength steel, which explains its high quality and longevity. The inclusion of the pitot tube rod also contributes to its increased stability.

In addition, the table can lift cars up to 1,500 pounds, which is sufficient for almost all types of Harley.

2. Titan Ramps 1,000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Titan ramps are constructed of heavy-duty steel and can support vehicles up to 1,000 pounds. As a result, this should be ideal for your motorcycle. The lightweight size of the table allows it to be more suitable for smaller motorcycles.

The ramp features a diamond-shaped sheet metal surface to ensure that you and your motorcycle are protected. The sleek size of the lift ensures that it won’t take up too much space in your basement.

3. VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift

This lifting platform is built with a high-quality, long-lasting steel structure and is intended to provide a healthy and supportive experience for your Harley motorcycle.

Like the other units we tested, it can lift up to 1,500 pounds and is therefore economical.

4. Kendon Folding Stand-Up ATV Motorcycle Table Lift

Kendon is Harley-Davidson’s most accessible and safest motorcycle lift, built to provide you with a comfortable and easy experience while riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

It is equipped with hydraulic levers, as the name suggests, that allow you to conveniently control the lift height of the motorcycle.

The lift features an attachment that can act as a platform for motorcycles. It has a load capacity of 1,000 pounds and uses hydraulic cylinders for stable and easy control, like most regular lifts.

5. Black Widow Extra Wide Air/Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Although Black Widow is not the most successful brand, it is known for producing some of the best lift tables on the market.

In terms of protection, the device can support a weight of up to 1,500 pounds, which far exceeds the weight of other Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

It can also operate from multiple angles thanks to its height-adjustable configuration. Using a multi-position lock will help you keep the bike in place and prevent it from falling on you, ensuring its protection.

6. OrionMotorTech Dilated Scissor Lift Jack

It’s a scissor lift that can carry up to 1,000 pounds, as the name implies. The scissor-style allows it to be not only simple to use, but also simple to operate.

The body construction is made of high-strength material, making it incredibly durable and long-lasting.

It is worth noting that this lift is ideally designed for flat bikes, such as Harley-Davidson models. In addition, the table features a wide rubber cover to protect the bike from possible injury.


What exactly is a motorcycle lift?

There are many pieces of equipment that are used to maintain and repair your motorcycle. One of them is a motorcycle lift, which is used to lift the motorcycle to a higher location. It raises the bike above the ground so that people can quickly get to fix or install hard-to-reach parts.

How does a motorcycle lift table work?

A motorcycle lift works in several ways. The protocol is clear and easy to execute. Most of the motorcycle stands underneath the motorcycle can be removed. This helps to balance the motorcycle. When a motorcycle is lifted into the air, the lifting process is connected to the location of the motorcycle. The lifting function provides a unique device that the consumer can operate.

How to maintain a motorcycle lift?

It is important to keep the motorcycle lifting platform in good condition. Which will help to avoid injury. However, several citizens remain ignorant of motorcycle lift table repair procedures. In certain instances, this can be performed by an expert. Following those rules will transform you into a pro at keeping the motorcycle lifted. Using initial replacement parts and replacement parts.

How do I secure my motorcycle when it’s on the lift table?

When placing your motorcycle on the table, protection remains your first concern. Use a high-quality, adjustable-durability clamp and secure it to a fixed point on the table to hold the bike securely in place.

Most lift tables usually come with an adjustable vise for the front wheel, or you can choose another model.

How can I secure my bicycle on a lift table?

Front-wheel clamps can be used on some motorcycle lifting platforms. This contributes to the reliability of the bike by providing additional safety protection. However, it is advisable to use different straps and clips to secure the front and rear axles of the motorcycle. Check if your lift platform has enough hooks to secure the motorcycle, or if you need to order additional hooks to fit the dashboard.

How do you use a scissor lift jack?

Scissor jacks work differently than lifting platforms and are the perfect choice for finishing bike repair jobs. Lower the scissor jack as high as possible and slide it under the bike’s pump. It is important to make sure that the motor foundation is level and not bent. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the scissor jack safely.

Lift the jack well before it reaches the engine foundation after hitting it. Check that the motorcycle is resting securely on the jack table, then begin to raise it to the perfect height.

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