Best Retractable Air Hose Reel

If you need to replace your current air hose reel, then you need to know more about the retractable models. Luckily, we have what you are looking for. We are sure that you are going to find the right version for your vehicle.

What Is An Air Hose Reel?

First, you should know what an air hose reel is. Basically, they are spindles made of different materials such as metal or plastic. It is utilized to store a hose, and they can be found in different styles, like:

  • Retractable.
  • Hand crank.
  • Motor driven.

Also, they are categorized by the length and diameter of the hose they use, as well as the rewind technique and the pressure rating. They can be temporal or permanent depending on the person’s needs. 

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying An Air Hose Reel?

Before you buy an air hose reel, there are a few things you should know: 

1. Strength and hose length 

The first thing you need to check before buying your retractable air hose reel is the quality and the length of the hose. The hose needs to be long enough to reach every vehicle that is parked. 

Many retractable air hose reels present a 50 feet hose, and some of them are shorter. However, you will find hoses that can go up to more than 90 feet. Most hoses are made of PVC, hardware or rubber, but if you need to use it daily, pick a hose with no memory at all.

They are more resistant to abrasions and also wear. 

2. Working pressure 

Another crucial feature is the hose’s working pressure. These hoses don’t have the same pressure, but the common range is not higher than 300 PSI. If the reel is meant to be used for industrial purposes, you need to ensure the PSI is high enough for both the tool and the compressor. 

3. Quality of the materials 

Your retractable air hose reel should be resistant. Although, the materials used to build them will depend on how they are going to be used. The ones made for garages utilize plastic housing.

Meanwhile, reels made for professional automotive shops should have a more robust casing. 

4. Protection  

When it comes to retractable air hose reels that are made of metal, they need a powder coating to be protected from corrosion or rust. A protective coating can also extend the duration. 

Best Retractable Air Hose Reel

1. MaxWorks 80720

This first model is one of the best ones out there. The reel comes with a 50 inches hose which is enclosed with a wonderful alloy steel spring. Also, it is able to resist corrosion.

Furthermore, the hose presents a diameter of 3/8 inches which makes the reel a lot better due to a new auto rewind feature. Among new features, the MaxWorks includes a multi-position ratchet, and thanks to this characteristic, you will be able to roll up the air hose faster. 

You can mount it on:

  • Ceilings.
  • Floors.
  • Walls. 

It is ideal to be used in workshops, garages, and warehouses. The reel is equipped with 4 non-slag rollers that can protect the hose from wear or tear, and they also improve retraction and pulling. 

Even though the mounting can be a challenge, the high quality and the heavy-duty parts are what make the 80720 one of the strongest choices.  

2. Goodyear 2828

Next, we have the Goodyear 2828. It is best known for having excellent stability, and its air hose reel comes with an auto-guided system to rewind it. Its system enables the reel to retract itself without doing much, while the reel has a double adjustment option to improve ratcheting, meaning that you will lock the hose at your desired length. 

Moreover, it’s made with high-grade powder steel, which gives it more strength and resistance against corrosion. With this retractable air hose reel, you can adjust the drag brake to have an uninterrupted fluid flow. 

However, the ratcheting needs improving, but you can use it to have effective results. 

3. DeWalt DXCM024  

Lastly, we included the DeWalt DXCM024. What we like about this particular model is that it can be used for household, industrial and contractor use. It has an automatic spring which is a powered drive, and this makes it easy to retract. 

Another great feature of this air hose reel is its leveling system which causes the hose to wind smoothly and easily. You can mount the reel on a wall or a ceiling and it can rotate at 180 degrees after being mounted for improved versatility. 

The case is large, and it doesn’t have fasteners. Nonetheless, the retraction is automatic and it has a maximum pressure of 200 PSI. 

Final Thoughts – Best Retractable Air Hose Reel

Retractable hoses are essential tools and equipment in any automotive repair shop or business. They can be used to power a variety of pneumatic tools, as well as to provide compressed air for a variety of other purposes.

The reel you choose should be easy to install and composed of a flexible material that will not kink. You should have no trouble choosing the best retractable air hose reel for your shop or repair with the help of our tips.

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