A-Z Installation Guide For Adding A Subwoofer To Your Factory Stereo

Are you tired of the factory stereo of your car? Installing a subwoofer is the right solution. These audio devices enhance audio quality, giving you a supreme driving experience.  

Installing a subwoofer to your car’s audio system is quite simple, and the best part is, you can do it too! In this article, we’ll help you understand why you need a subwoofer and how you can install them in your car audio system.  

Why Do You Need A Subwoofer? 

We’ll describe a subwoofer as a music lover’s paradise. Everyone enjoys listening to good music while driving because it makes the journey enjoyable and relaxing. Even though your car comes preinstalled with the factory version of stereo, what’s the use of a sound system if you can’t extract the much-needed quality sound out of it?  

A good-quality subwoofer gives a top-notch experience with extra bass and clarity to songs. Installing the subwoofer with a combination of amplifier and necessary head units increases your music experience tenfold. You miss it in the factory version.

How To Install A Subwoofer To A Factory Stereo

Step 1: Collect the necessary equipment 

First of all, choose the right speaker and amplifier. Both of these go handy in deriving maximum power output, and the system requires one speaker per amp channel, two speakers for two channels, and so on. One track, however, is attached to the subwoofer.  

You can pick any speaker but selecting the right amplifier is the key to a good sound system. Choosing an amp is as simple as speakers. You’ll see the number of necessary amp channels and power required.  

Other essential equipment includes- 

  • Subwoofer box 
  • Normal toolbox 
  • Speakers  
  • Amplifier 
  • Wiring kit 

Step 2: Disconnect the battery and wires 

As a precautionary measure, you must remove the battery from the car. Also, unplug the power source before installation. To safeguard yourself, disconnecting the wires is a security measure that you need to follow. 

After turning off the primary power source, safely unplug the speakers’ wires from their respective terminals.  

Step 3: Finding the relevant wire connection 

Now you need to attach the subwoofer to the battery of your car. After connecting all the output ports, see if any other significant connection is not left out. When everything is on point, move ahead to establish a connection between the output ports and jack. 

Connect the low-frequency jack to the output port present on the subwoofer box. Join the subwoofer to the car battery to get power or generate amplified engine sound. The power connection to the subwoofer is divided by a metal wall known as a firewall.   

Step 4: Thread the wires 

After connecting the jack to the port:

  1. Check if the wires are all connected
  2. Utilize the gap between the firewall and pass the wires through its hole, but make sure you’ve left enough length towards yourself to reach the battery.
  3. Remove the insulation of the wire placed near the battery.  

It would be best if you connect this terminal to the in-line fuse. Pass the wire through the channel so that it reaches the trunk of the car.  

Step 5: Attach the wires with the battery 

You will see the input terminals marked positive (+) and (-), turning around the stereo. Connect the required wirings to these terminals, respectively. In the case of a powered subwoofer, first, reconnect the negative terminal before establishing the connections.  

Step 6: Final step 

Now place the speaker back to its position while the firewall is set over it. Now, with the help of a cable connect both the subwoofer and speakers. If you’re using connectors, you need to thread them in the speaker. You will now see a signal from the factory stereo.  

Now reconnect the wires that you’ve previously disconnected.

Congratulations, you have finally connected the subwoofer to your car’s stock stereo. Let us look at other additional factors and FAQs further. 

Is It Possible To Install An Amplifier On My Own? 

Yes, of course, you can do that on your own as long as you’re well-acquainted with electrical equipment. But as always a professional can handle these things better. If you’re doing it yourself, purchase a kit that comes with power and ground wire.  

Remember keeping the amp low would cause damage to the speakers. Connect the amp to the audio system and battery. 

What Are Hi-Low And Line-Out Converters? 

Amplifiers that do not have RCA inputs connect with the stock unit. A hi-low converter converts the signals from high to low levels. Its only con is that you may have a tough time with the sound quality and output of the subwoofer. 

Since the aftermarket head unit has low-level RCA inputs, a line-out converter converts the signals from high to low levels. This converter is similar to a hi-low convertor in a more advanced form and better sound quality. 

Do The Subwoofers Require High Maintenance?  

The subwoofers do not require very high maintenance, but they demand good cleaning for better functioning. You can clean the subwoofers with a medium-sized soft cloth or a small vacuum cleaner.  

Is It Necessary For My Amp To Have A High Power Handling Capacity?

RMS is the measurement scale of determining the watt power. For the subwoofer, you need to check the RMS of the speaker and select an amplifier that produces the same amount of energy.  

For example, if the speaker is 50-100 watts, the amplifier should have the same RMS to fit the requirements of the subwoofer. 

Final Thoughts 

Every car is manufactured with a factory head unit that gives average sound quality, and it is not enough if you pair your ride with your favorite playlist. A subwoofer is an answer to every audiophile’s craving for the best sound quality. 

If you follow the steps mentioned above, installing a subwoofer to a factory stereo is a cakewalk—research thoroughly before beginning to install the sub. 

So, what is stopping you from enjoying your favorite playlist in top-notch quality and bass? 

Liam Dare

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