How to Install a Powered Subwoofer to a Factory Stereo

It can be quite tricky if you want to install a powered subwoofer in your car. This is because they need enough energy to function. Getting the right spot to connect them in your car is not easy. This article is just right for you as someone who likes to enjoy your music with that bass.

Here is a step-by-step method to install a powered subwoofer, DIY style.

Step 1: Buy the Necessary Wires

Unfortunately, a subwoofer does not come with wiring, which means that you will have to be the one to get the necessary wires and connect them. You want to ensure that the power wire you get is over 20 feet, but 20 is just fine. You’d also need an RCA wire and other wires for the speaker.

Step 2: Pick a Good Spot for the Subwoofer

The Subwoofer generates heat, so you have to find a well-ventilated place to place it to avoid overheating and then damage in the end. Aside from considering the heat, you will want to consider somewhere that will make it easy to reach. Most often, people prefer to place it in the boot. Some also choose the under the driver’s seat, but if you’re going to think about ventilation, the boot is good enough.

Step 3: Make Sure You Disconnect Your Vehicle’s Battery

This is for your safety. Make sure you remove the nuts of your car battery before you go on with the wiring connections to the Subwoofer. You can wear rubber gloves if you are unsure about removing the battery with your hands. After you have done this, follow the next step.

Step 4: Connect the Power Cable to Your Car’s Engine

The next step is to connect the power cable you have connected from your car battery to the powered Subwoofer. In some cases, the wiring kit you have purchased will have made the necessary fuse connections for you, but if not, you will have to do it on your own. The process is not difficult. You will most likely need a plier to do your cuttings and stripping.

Most cars have what is called a “firewall,” a metal hole that divides your car’s engine unit and the car’s main unit. You can tuck the power cable through the firewall. In most cases, cars will have space for you to run the wiring through, but if not, it is best to run them under your car’s carpet. This ensures neatness and safety.

Step 5: Connect the Powered Subwoofer to Your Stereo

The next step to take after you must have successfully run the power cable is to connect the powered Subwoofer to the car’s stereo with the use of a turn-on cable and the RCA cable you got. The RCA cable should have two plug points, one to the stereo and the other to the Subwoofer.

The turn-on cable ensures that it works with the powered Subwoofer whenever you turn on your stereo. The RCA, on the other hand, stands as a signal connector. The white and redheads on both ends are the audio output.

To connect the turn-on and RCA cables to your stereo, you will need to connect it to the rear. Some stereos have this at the side, but you will have to pull out the stereo either way.

Step 6: Connect and Secure the Ground Cable

After the power and RCA cables, the next primary cable is the ground one. For this wire, you will need to make sure that it is coming in contact with the car’s metal body. You can find the metal body in the car’s chassis. There will be a small metal bolt to which you can screw the cable. To ensure that the ground wire is in direct contact with the metal body of the car, you need to scrape off the painting on that side of the car. Make sure that the paint is scraped off properly, and then you can go on to the next step.

Step 7: Create The Wiring Connections

Ensure that your wiring connections are not so bent, and ensure that the wiring is gentle and smooth to prevent the wires from breaking or cutting. Once you are done with that, you can head back to the bonnet of your vehicle and plug your battery back into its plugs. After that, you will want to test what you have done.

Step 8: The Testing Process

To test all that you have done once you have connected the negative plug of your car battery, you need to turn on your car’s engine and then put on your stereo. Check if when you turn the stereo volume of the powered Subwoofer comes up, and when you turn it down, the volume reduces.

You can also change a few tracks for some time, make sure the RCA wires are connected properly, and you can know when the sound does not shake. If all seems to be playing well, and you are satisfied with the bass you are getting from the powered Subwoofer, turn off your stereo and your car engine.


If you dislike the sound produced by your car’s default speakers, you can get yourself a powered Subwoofer. They produce great sound. Remember that whenever you want to mount this mod into your car, you do so cautiously. Always take the necessary step of unplugging your car battery to turn off your car’s electrical system. If you cannot seem to mount the power Subwoofer yourself, you can take it to a professional that will help you get the job done.

If you want to make the equipment last longer, always make sure that you mount it in a spot that is well ventilated because of the kind of heat its amplifier generates.

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