Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil

Kirkland has proven to the rest of the world that it is a game-changer in the automotive lubricant industry.

When used in conjunction with Kirkland, it increases engine efficiency, reduces wear, and prevents thermal breakdown.

No one has answered the question “Who makes Kirkland motor oil?”. Well, in this article we will answer that question and give you a little background on the company.

Is Kirkland Motor Oil Any Good?

When we start looking for motor oil, we expect it to be Dexos or API certified. API certification, meanwhile, provides comprehensive proof of the company’s safety procedures and consistency.

Kirkland claims to be able to obtain both certificates, so what more could you ask for?. Kirkland synthetic oil is designed to reduce engine wear, clean internal engine components, and maximize fuel efficiency.

Its fully synthetic composition ensures enhanced engine protection and optimum performance.

It also outperforms the best synthetic blends in terms of resistance to power-robbing particles.

Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil?

Kirkland is made by Warren Distribution. They are one of the largest blenders of private label oils in the United States.

Since I am an oil expert, I have seen enough to believe that Warren’s proprietary blends work well, about on par with the big brands.

Which is a North American-based company. As for private label oils, Warren Distribution is the largest blender in the world.

They also create their own private label Mag 1 oil blend for their customers. They combine good motor oils with good additive packages to create a winning combination.

Where Are Kirkland Motor Oil Made?

Warren Distribution, based in the United States, is responsible for the production of Kirkland motor oils.

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, they have more than 2 million square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities in different locations in the United States, where they manufacture the oil.

Kirkland Motor Oil Review

Warren Distribution was founded as a family business by James Schlott in 1922. The company has grown to become the largest distributor of lubricants and automotive chemicals in North America.

Each year it supplies more than 130 million gallons of lubricants and automotive chemicals to its customers. Its CEO is his grandson, Robert Bob Schlott since he retired from the business in 2009.

The company, based in Omaha, Nebraska, has a global presence. It is estimated that the export of these items has benefited more than 45 countries/regions.

Types of Kirkland Engine Oils

Costco has brought Kirkland synthetic motor oil. Today, the firm is an oil refining business of many millionaires.

It can be processed into three types of motor oil of different viscosities:

  • SAE 5W-30
  • 5W-30
  • 0W-20

What Are the Best Kirkland Motor Oils?

When it comes to full synthetic motor oil in North America, Warren’s Kirkland brand will not let you down. It is the best in the industry.

Kirkland 0W-20 synthetic oil is considered one of the best synthetic lubricants available from this company.

It is followed by Kirkland 5w-30, which is less expensive but has a consistency equivalent to Mobil One. Finally, Kirkland SAE 5w-30 has an exceptionally high viscosity.

What kind of oil is Kirkland motor oil?

Designed to minimize wear on key components and increase fuel efficiency, Kirkland motor oil is Synthetic 5W-30, a premium Kirkland Signature product.

Providing long-lasting engine protection and performance, our recipe is made entirely from synthetic materials.

Final Thoughts – Kirkland Motor Oil Review

Mobil 1 has built a reputation over decades that it is not willing to jeopardize. However, if Kirkland did not meet the criteria, Costco would not jeopardize its reputation as a retailer of high-quality merchandise.

Kirkland motor oil is manufactured by a Warren distributor, ensuring excellent consistency, which is appreciated by experienced drivers and racers alike.

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