What Does TLC Mean For Cars? (Explained!)

TLC means Tender Love and Care. For any car to be in optimal shape, best believe you as the owner needs to give your vehicle some good care and proper maintenance.

This involves cleaning up the interior and exterior parts of your car. Also, checking and changing the oil and other fluids as when due. Not to forget ensuring that the tire pressures are properly maintained and fixing minor issues as they happen.

Generally speaking, giving your car TLC is always a good thing. If you are into car flipping, then you know that caring for your car mostly preserves the vehicle’s market value.

How to Show Your Car Tender Loving Care

Changing the Oil and Filters

Many people know that it is necessary to change the oil and filters of the car as often as possible, but most people do not remember. The oil change is very important to your car engine, regardless of the car you use.

The oil makes the engine function well and is a lubricant for your car’s engine. You need to change your car’s oil at least three times a month or after every 3000 miles. This way, you ensure healthy engine performance for your car.

If you fail to change your car’s oil, you will eventually experience your engine knock and spoil. Take that you must ensure that the oil you buy is right for your engine type.

Tires Rotation

If you often drive without trying to rotate your tires till your wheels give in, this is not a good thing. Rotating the tires of your car helps the handling performance of your vehicle. If you do not have the tools to help lift your car and rotate the tires in your garage, you should take it to someone who does it quickly.

It is a good thing to roll the tires after a journey of about 6000 miles. This way, you get to extend the tire life of your car. If you own one of those luxury vehicles, you will need to rotate the tires more often than you will do those that are not luxury cars.

Check your Engine Fluids

There are different fluids that your car needs to perform, and if you do not check them as often as you should, it could lead to something terrible later on.

The first fluid that you need to check as often as possible is your engine oil. Remember we mentioned that the engine oil is important. Your car engine is very important, and you must check as often as possible the level and state of your engine oil.

Another fluid that is important for you to check is the coolant. The coolant oil is great because, as the name suggests, it cools the engine of your car, preventing it from things like overheating. Check also for your transmission oil and brake oil.

The transmission oil helps shift through the gears to be smooth, and the brake oil lubricates the brake pad. The brake oil can prevent frictions of the pad, which can cause your brake to be inactive.

Check the Lights

You might think this is not important, but yes, it is. Imagine you’re on a journey somewhere far, and then you turn on the headlamp, only to notice that the light is dim. It would be a bad experience. This is why you should check your car’s lights as often as possible.

It’s not just the headlamp. You should also check the trafficators, brakes, and reverse lights. Checking your light often will help you prevent any problems when driving.

Clean Up the Interior of Your Car

The interior of your car is very important, just as important as the engine and outside of your vehicle. Clean up your car’s interior, pack out the trash and other irrelevant things that you shouldn’t leave inside your car. Leaving your car’s interior messy can bring unwanted guests such as bedbugs and other bugs.

Have your car smell nice, and get good air fresheners for your car that makes it pleasing when you enter. This is a good way to make sure your car retains its value. A neat interior is a plus if you want to resell your car.

Love that exterior

The exterior is the part everyone sees and most even takes care of. It is good to clean up your car as often as you can. You can buy cleaning creams or wax for cars, which will help make your car look shining when you wipe off the cream.

Brush those car tires. Cleaning the tires as often as you can is a good thing. It can help make the life of your tire last long. Clean the rims as often, especially if they are alloy rims. This will prevent rust and damage to the rim.


People don’t often remember to show the trunk of their cars TLC because it’s where most people dump a lot of things. It would be best if you took your time to clean up the trunk of your car.

Ensure you take out the carpet or rug, and clean it up. Clear your trunk of unnecessary things and make your vehicle light. Packing too many things in the car’s truck can bring down the suspension, making the tires touch the car’s body.


From the list of how to show your car Tender Loving Care, you can see that the process is pretty simple. They are even DIY procedures. You should start making sure that from today, you take better care of your car. This makes the car last longer and retains a good value if you ever want to resell your car.

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