What Do I Do If My Keyless Remote Battery is Low?

With tremendous advancement in the automotive industry for the past few decades, you will notice that most modern cars are becoming completely electronic. The key fob or keyless remote battery in recent vehicles is no exception among those notable improvements.

No more carrying car keys around or worrying about how to keep them safe. By opting for the keyless remote feature, you can jumpstart the ignition easily. The only downside is that the key fob needs batteries for its operations, and batteries can run out anytime.

Though these little batteries can last for quite a few years, what happens if the key fob battery becomes low. Keep scrolling to understand better what you need to do if your keyless remote battery runs low while on the road.

Low Keyless Remote Battery: What Does It Mean?

Over the past few years, with the advancement of technology, most modern cars come with electronic configurations where you can enter your car without the keys. This key fob remote can control many aspects like 

  • Locking and Unlocking the vehicle. 
  • Window controls. 
  • Trunk opening and lots more. 

With endless benefits to offer, what would you do if this key fob battery goes low? It would be quite a tricky situation to be stuck in. However, even before the battery goes down, the remote has a computer system that tracks the battery usage. This system is used for monitoring the power output of the push start button’s battery. 

When the remote battery’s power reduces beyond a certain limit for most modern automobiles, the system triggers the key fob battery’s light indicator to blink on your car’s dashboard.

The indicator on the dashboard alerts the car owner about a low battery before the remote battery completely dies out. Once it completely dries out, you may find it hard to open or lock the doors, start the engine, and leave you stranded on the road.   

If you notice the warning light indicating the low remote battery level on your dashboard, it is high time to replace the key fob battery as soon as possible. Avoid prolonging the repairs and trying to manage to go around till the battery gets completely sucked out of power. 

Signs Of Low Keyless Remote Battery 

Based on your vehicle’s build quality and use, you will have to replace the push start button batteries every 4 to 5 years. When your keyless remote suddenly stops working, you will regret not having paid attention to the warning lights. Before the unfortunate happens, here are some warning signs you need to look out for before it is too late. 

  • Reduced signal range. 
  • The button clicks are not functioning properly. 
  • It takes time to unlock the car.
  • Key fob warning light indications on the dashboard.

These signals indicate that your push start button’s battery is wearing down. Being aware that your key fob battery is running low will enable you to get them fixed and avoid embarrassing or unfortunate situations like getting stranded without being able to start the car. 

What Can You Do When Key Fob Battery Goes Low?

Since push-start buttons or car key fobs are more convenient, most vehicle owners take them for granted. However, just like any other car parts or components, your keyless remote battery also requires routine checking and maintenance.

To begin with, never consider that your key fob battery will run forever. So, if you notice your battery is running low on power, do not get confused or panic. You will notice that most modern cars come with a security chip placed inside the key fob remote.

When the battery is very low or completely drained, you can access your vehicle using this chip before getting the batteries replaced. However, this security chip does not work on a long-range basis. 

You’ll have to place the key fob remote closer to the car when the battery is running low and keep holding the start button until the car starts up. Though this might seem to work for the short term, it’s advisable to get a complete replacement before this option stops working. Or else, you may get stranded without having access to your car. 

Fortunately, most push start button remotes have a computerized system that keeps the owners from being left out without having access to their car. The modern configuration settings track your key fob battery usage and power the remote to a certain extent.

This, in turn, triggers the low battery light indicator on your dashboard. At this time, make sure to change the batteries to avoid getting stuck with further issues. Also, these options are not reliable at all times. So, avoid waiting for the unexpected to happen. 

How To Replace A Keyless Remote Battery?

Replacing the drained-out remote battery is not a complicated task and can be done in your garage. Before fixing it, check if the battery is suitable for your car model.

To figure this out, you will have to check the key fob remote and find out the battery type indicated on it. Or else, you can also check the existing battery to find out which is the right one for your vehicle. 

You need to follow some steps while changing your vehicle’s key fob battery if it is running low or completely drained out.   

  • Open the key fob remote. 
  • For this, you will need a screwdriver to open the remote carefully. 
  • Inside, you will find the old battery. Before you take that out, make sure to check out the correct position to place the new one. 
  • Replace the old one with the new batteries in the correct position. 
  • Once done, make sure to close the fob shut securely. 

Now click the push start button to ensure the remote is in good working condition. 

Wrap Up

Irrespective of how much you care for your vehicle, minor issues like low-key fob battery can pop up. Though it is not a serious concern, it is advisable to change the battery to avoid being left out and not being able to start the car.

Once the warning messages start popping up, it’s advisable to respond quickly and get the dead battery replaced. Failure to fix these minor inconveniences can cause serious issues later.

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