Upgrading Car Speakers Without An Amp

Many of us like to turn up the volume and listen to good music as we drive. Be it a long drive or driving through bottleneck traffic. Music can take the edge off the stress driving through traffic can cause, and long drives are never complete without good music.

All cars come with a music system and good speakers, but are they enough? For some, it just never is. They want more loud music and sound effects added to their music on the roads. 

Well, you can install an amplifier and solve this issue in no time, but setting up an amp is not an easy task. Replacing the entire system is a lot of work and can be very expensive.

Upgrade Those Speakers Without An Amp

Manufacturers put a lot of thought and effort into the various parts and features of a car. They don’t focus on the sound effects for the music system. While other features are important for a car, sound from the music system is also not always a small change.

Many prefer to start with the speakers when you don’t want to set up an amp or change the entire system you got with your car but still want more from your music system. Upgrading or tweaking those speakers can be less expensive and more rewarding than over-hauling the entire system.

Here Is How You Can Upgrade Those Speakers Without Investing In An Amplifier:

1. Check The Existing Amp

Check the power settings on your existing amp. Is there room to increase it? If not, you cannot buy speakers with a higher power requirement. There is a maximum limit on the amp power supply, and you need to know the range before you can buy your new speakers.

2. Match The Watts

If you pump in too much or too little power into your new speakers, it can cause serious damage. You need to check the power settings on your existing amp. Matching the RMS is very important to get the right speakers for your car. If you buy a speaker with a higher RMS than your existing amplifier can provide, you are left with no choice but to change the amp.

3. Check Your Options

Now that you know how much your existing amp can support and how much room is left to increase the power supply to the speakers, you can choose your speakers accordingly. Check the market and other sources for all the options available. Compare two or more speakers before you can invest in one.

You can choose between

  1. Full Range Speakers – These speakers contain a small subwoofer that allows you to control the sound’s highs, lows, and mids. Some of these speakers come with extra drivers specifically designed to amplify the clarity or accentuate the mids.
  2. Component Speakers – These speakers aim to amplify the sound quality of your car’s music system. You cannot fine-tune everything as you do with a full-range speaker. Component speakers also facilitate reducing the frequency range of every speaker in the car.

4. Check The Size

If you upgrade your speakers, you need to fit them into the existing space. Check the space available and the size of the new speakers. Opt for speakers that will fit well without alterations to the car interiors. The more you change, the more expensive it will get. Not to forget; increased complications in case of an internal issue with the car.

When you buy your new speakers, ensure you check the mounting depth, mounting height, mounting screw width, installation space, and speaker diameter. Many just consider the speaker diameter and forget the rest.

5. Sensitivity

Next, you need to focus on the sensitivity of the speakers. The speaker’s sensitivity must be relevant to that of the system. If there is a mismatch, it can bring down the speakers’ lives and reduce the effect of the speakers. The car cannot be too sensitive but must be sensitive enough to aid good sound quality.

6. Weight

You need to check the weight of the new speakers. Installing something much heavier than what the company gave you can be a huge risk. Though cars are built to take a lot of weight and are sturdy, they have weak spots. You need to place the heavier parts of the speakers in the study areas, while the lighter speakers can be placed in the weaker sections.  

7. Get The Tools

You will need a set of tools to replace the existing speakers. Getting a professional to do it can save you a lot of time and hassle, but they will definitely charge you. If you are worried about the expenses, you can change them on your own, provided you know what you want to change and how to do it.

Here are a few tools you may need to change your speakers yourself:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Tape rule
  3. Panel removers

How To Upgrade Car Speakers Without An Amp

Follow these steps to upgrade your speakers:

  1. Assemble your tools. You don’t want to run around searching for tools when your speaker is lying open on the ground.
  2. Measure existing speakers
  3. Remove existing speakers with care. Do not cause any damage to the areas surrounding the speakers.
  4. Mount the new speakers and check the connection
  5. You are all set!

Test The Connection

Once you install the speakers, check the connection. Verify if all the wires are connected properly, and all the mechanisms work perfectly as before. Take your car for a drive and check how the speakers work when on the road. Try various settings and volume levels. Identifying a problem initially is easier to fix than at the beginning itself than later.

Will This Work?

Will upgrading your speakers improve your overall music experience in your car? We can’t guarantee that. It is not just the speakers. A lot depends on the music system too. Sometimes you need to do more than just upgrade the speaker. If your existing head unit cannot support your new speakers, you need to invest in an external amp.


Try these ideas and see if you can get better output from your car music system. If you have better ideas, you can always share them with us. We all want a better music experience when we are on the roads. A major part of your driving experience depends on the music for most drivers.

Liam Dare

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