Rod Bearing [What is It & Replacement Cost]

Would you like to know what Rod Bearing is? We are going to let you know everything about Rod Bearing, and we are certain it’s going to be very helpful to you. 

What Is a Rod Bearing?

A Rod Bearing consists of small pieces of smooth metal (one at the top and one at the bottom). If we talk about driveshaft versions, then the top piece is going to be a semi-circle that goes on the undercarriage of the car. 

On the other hand, the bottom piece is bolted to the top half while the driveshaft is in place. A pinhole must go through the top half of the rod bearing to let lubrication get inside the components. This will allow the shaft to spin inside while the bearing doesn’t generate too much heat. 

Why Be Concerned About Rod Bearing Problems?

It is essential to know the typical symptoms of this problem, which include a sudden knock while driving, rattling noise that occurs while the vehicle is in motion, and the presence of an illuminated engine warning light.

Connecting rod bearings help prevent piston damage as a result of wear from contact with cylinder walls and other surfaces. If these bearings are not functioning properly, they can cause significant damage to your engine.

How to replace Rod Bearings 

To replace it correctly, you need to:

1. Remove the connecting rods 

Remove the connecting rods from the crankshaft and the pistons if they are not already out of place. Keep in mind that the larger end of the rods is bolted to the crack with the help of extra bolds which hold the cap in place. 

On the other hand, the small head needs to be held onto the wrist pin, which is held onto the piston with two circlips. Remove every single clip and then slide the wrist pin out of the piston at the end of each rod. By doing this, the rod will be released.

2. Remove the previous bearings

Get a screwdriver and a hammer. Then tap on the edge of each rod where it meets the end of the cap. Try not to tap the bearings from the sides.

3. Clean the surface

After the first steps, you need to clean the bearing surface with the help of a lint-free rag. Examine the surfaces carefully to see if there is no dirt. This can cause bearing issues and even shorten the motor’s life. Also, don’t forget to clean the bearings before installing them. 

4. Slide the bearings

Slide one of the bearings into the end of the rod’s big end. Then insert a bearing into the end cap. A circle will be formed and it will go around the crankshaft after everything is bolted correctly. 

5. Be aware of the bearing 

The bearing located on the small end of the rod needs to be pressed out. If you don’t have a press, try to do the procedure with a socket. Tap the bearing out and then tap a new one.

6. Install the rods

Lastly, you need to install the rods on the crank. Use Plastigage to join the rods to the crank. Tighten the rods according to the manufacturer’s indications. Take the rod out and check the Plastigage to see if the tolerances are in perfect conditions. 

Some Basic Maintenance Guidelines for Your Car’s Rod Bearings

These guidelines can help you maintain your car’s connecting rod bearings so you can avoid any major repairs in the future.

Maintaining your connecting rod bearings can be very easy with these guidelines:

  • Check the fluid level and change it if necessary.
  • Check that all bolts are tight and replace any damaged ones.
  • Grease the inside surface of each bearing before installing them.
  • Make sure there is enough space between the outer edge of each bearing and any other parts in contact with it so that they can move freely without interference from anything else.

Rod Bearing Replacement Cost

The costs to replace rod bearings will depend on the company that offers these services. For example, if you hire professionals who perform parts and labor, then you will have to pay at least $2,000. 

Generally speaking, repairing or replacing rods includes extra services such as:

  • Gasket replacement.
  • Cylinder and head bolts replacement. 
  • Flushing out the cooler lines.

Final Thoughts – Rod Bearing

When it comes to the operation of a rod bearing, preventive maintenance is absolutely necessary. Connecting rod bearings need to be kept in good condition in order to function properly.

It is critical to understand how to properly maintain a connecting rod bearing, whether you purchase a new one or an old one for your vehicle. Considering the cost of bearing replacement can be an essential aspect to consider.

However, in some cases, the expense of replacement may not be worth it.
In short, if your vehicle is still under warranty and the warranty covers bearing replacement, it would be more cost-effective to contact your dealer for the replacement than to purchase one on your own.

If, on the other hand, your car’s warranty does not cover the bearing, you should consider buying a new one, which will save you money in the long run.

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