Pros And Cons Of Head Gasket Sealer

Most car owners don’t even think about the head gasket unless they have a problem with it. A head gasket is situated between the cylinder heads and block. The head gasket is supposed to keep the compression rate steady and stop any oil or coolant from flowing into other parts of the cylinder. So, you can understand that if it fails, it can lead to a blown gasket which will further lead to coolant and oil leaks and a misfiring engine. 

It can be a very expensive process when you try to get a head gasket repaired. Maybe for a short-term resolution, you should try to use a head gasket sealer.

Function of a Head Gasket

A car’s engine is a closed chamber and has several tight seals that keep the fluids like oil from leaking and flowing into different parts of the engine where it is not supposed to go. The head gasket is one among the many seals, and it is a ring-shaped rubber seal. 

The gasket seal does not allow the liquid to move out from where it is supposed to be. The head gasket sealer holds the gasket in its position and is used as a stop-gap measure when sealing the head gasket.

The head gasket sealer is made with a material that will not shrink or crack once fully dry. It is quite easy to apply and is an incredible solution for blown head gaskets. 

What Makes A Head Gasket Fail? 

A head gasket that fails or blows away usually happens due to overheating or a lack of proper cooling system maintenance. These two issues are also related because if the car is overheating even when it is not supposed to, then there is probably an issue with the car’s cooling system. 

Is Using A Head Gasket Sealer A Good Option? 

If you are wondering about the efficacy of a head gasket sealer and you are not sure whether a head gasket sealer will work or not, then the clear answer is that the sealer does work. 

You must always use the best sealers available in the market. Still, people have mixed reactions about using head gasket sealers, and some people are for it while some are against the use of head gasket sealers. Feel that the head gasket sealers.

Many car owners believe that head gasket sealers can prolong a car’s lifespan, and many feel that head gasket sealers do more harm than good. Two important things:

  • The kind of product you use
  • How you apply the sealer

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Head Gasket Sealers

The opinions are divided on this issue, and you will have to decide according to your requirements. Depending on your vehicle and the seriousness of the problem, you can decide whether to go ahead and use a head gasket sealer or not. 


  • Head gasket sealers are a quick fix solution for leakages due to the head gasket blowing up. When you are traveling on a highway, and there is no garage or gas station nearby, and your car’s head gasket blows up, all you need is a head gasket sealer. You can apply it and prevent any further damage to the car engine.
  • Head gasket sealers are quite affordable. Even the best quality ones are cheap compared to the cost of a new head gasket. You can even find a permanent solution to the problem with a sealer at half the cost. 
  • Here it is important to note that a sealer doesn’t require more time to apply it.You need to put the sealer into the radiator, and the problem is fixed within no time. You can use the head gasket sealer to repair some other minor problems in the car. 


  • Sometimes the head gasket sealer can be problematic. It can react to the engine’s heat and leave a powdery residue. There is more chance of this happening when you don’t follow the instructions fully or make some mistake in the process.
  • Some head gasket sealer brands only work with specific engines. You may come across compatibility issues. If you are not careful and use the wrong product, the effects may fade very soon, or even worse, the engine may be damaged.  
  • Some head gasket damages cannot be repaired with a sealer, and you may not realize the extent of the damage initially and misuse the sealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a head gasket sealer ruin an engine?

A. Not if you use the right kind of sealer and correctly apply it as well. The particles in the head gasket sealer are so small that they do not cause any problems with any engine parts. If you choose a trusted brand of sealer, then your car engine is completely safe. 

Q. How long can the head gasket sealer remain effective?

A. It mainly depends on the brand of sealer you use. Different brands have different features and lifespans. How bad the head gasket condition is also made a difference. There are many sealers available in the market, and on average, one of these products may last for at least 6 months. 

Q. What is a head gasket and how to use it?

A. The head gasket sealer goes in the radiator. It would be best if you poured it through the radiator lid because this is from where it goes into the engine. The other way is to pour it through the hose or the coolant reservoir itself. 


There are many pros and cons of using a head gasket sealer, and how you choose one will depend on the engine of your car and what kind of damage is there. Deciding and selecting the best sealer for your car may seem difficult, but not impossible.

It would be best if you tried to find out what works best for your car and fully understand the pros and cons. Though there are a lot of mixed opinions, using a head gasket sealer judiciously can save you a lot of money and probably even save your car from serious damage. 

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