Mazda 3 Transmission Control module (How to reset)

The transmission control module is a vital part of your car. Instead of using hydraulic or mechanical transmission, the recent vehicles use a TCM for better performance.

Although these things do not require a replacement in their lifespan, immediate replacement is needed if you are facing a problem in its mechanism. 

Mazda 3 Transmission Control Module Symptoms

Here in this article, we will tell you how you can generically reset the TCM for your Module Mazda 3. But before that, here are some signs of a defected TCM:

1. Hesitating when shifting gears

If you increase your speed gradually, the transmission will keep shifting to the higher gears at the right time.

If that does not happen, you will notice the engine RPM increasing instead of dropping slightly when the upshift occurs. 

2. Transmission Warning Light

Suppose the engine warning light can illuminate on the dashboard. There might be any meaning to it.

However, if you see problems with shifting while your engine’s warning light is still on, the transmission control module of your car is probably screwed; if you face such events, make sure you have your vehicle checked soon enough. 

3. Bad transmission

The automatic transmission also relies on the TCM system. So, any bad transmission might lead to wrong shifting.

In other words, if your car is shifting to neutral or other gears without warning, you know where the problem lies. 

4. Fail To Shift To The Lower Gear

This is reversely similar to the first point. Let’s say you want to surpass a vehicle moving slow.

But now, as the TCM fails, your vehicle will eventually fail to shift to the lower gear while trying to accelerate. 

5. Stuck in the same gear

Stuck in the same gear is another huge problem that occurs due to TCM failure.

Usually, the drivers happen to be stuck in either neutral or the first gear. In such cases, you will not go anywhere, or you are going to be limited at the max speed of your first gear. 

6. Acceleration problems

Your vehicle’s speed will be relying on the cyclic rotation to different gears at the right time.

If you have a problem with your TCM, then the rotation to the next or previous gear will be too slow.

This will have a significant impact on your acceleration, and your car may start losing instead of speeding up. The performance will worsen up when you are shifting a hill. 

7. Poor Fuel Economy

A bad fuel economy might also warn you about a bad TCM. Automatic transmissions are made for perfect gear selection and timing so that your vehicle can provide the best fuel economy.

So if you possess an inadequate control module, your engine will be working harder than usual.

That means your car will start consuming more fuel, and soon enough, you will be spending a lot of your money at the gas pumps. 

So these are some of the signs that will tell you if you have a deflected transmission controlling modular or not. 

How to Reset Transmission Control Module Mazda 3

Follow the steps below, these steps are designed for 2010 Mazda 3, as well as for other models.

  1. First, you need to take the terminals off, and you should leave off for at least a few hours. This way, it will drain the charge from capacitors. Therefore, if you want to reset the transmission control module, you should have some time in your hand. 
  2. Now cold start the engine. Keeping your foot on your brake, moving the transmission between the park and the lowest gear of your car. Repeat this process three times, at least. 
  3. Take the car on a five-minute drive this time. Maintain a slow speed this whole time. And try to go on a ride on quiet streets. Do not exceed the speed of 25km/h, and drive at very low acceleration. 
  4. Also, decelerate without breaking to a full stop. Let that idle for a minute or so.
  5. Then stop your vehicle and then let it sit for another minute or such.
  6. Again, put your foot on your brake, move the transmission between the parks, and the lowest gear slowly.  
  7. Then you should again repeat the process with another 5-minute drive. This time you will go for a higher speed, not exceeding 80km/h speed.
  8. Again decelerate without braking to a complete stop and let it idle again for a few more minutes. 
  9. This way, after you usually have driven for the next 10-12 km, you should start avoiding the hard acceleration and braking. 

You should drive the vehicle quickly and safely for the next 80 km or so without hard acceleration. 

2010 Mazda 3 TCM Location

The transmission control module (TMC) is located directly on the roof of the transmission, under the battery tray.

If you need additional help to replace the TMC, ask for professional help (e.g. your mechanic).

Mazda 3 Tcm Replacement Cost

Transmission control module (TCM) replacement typically costs between $250 and $1,250, depending on the price of materials and labor.

Labor costs range from $50 to $500 on average, while the typical cost of the transmission control module is $200 to $750.

Final Thoughts

This process has worked out for many jerky gear changes in auto transmission on many occasions.

Many people are satisfied with the process and its outcome, so you may need to try this for yourself too. 

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