How to Unlock a GMC Sierra without Keys?

Did you lose your GMC Sierra keys? Don’t worry. This has happened to almost every driver in the world. Now that you have lost your keys you are probably wondering what to do in this situation.

Thankfully, there are both viable and inexpensive methods you can use to remedy this mistake. In case you can’t get into your GMC Sierra because you lost your keys, we have the solution for you.

There are several methods to unlocking a GMC Sierra without your keys nearby, and we have listed some of the most important ones in this article.

What Is Passive Door Locking?

GMC Sierra features passive door locking, which is excellent for those who forget to lock their vehicle’s doors. If you walk away from your Sierra without locking the door behind you, the car will automatically lock the doors after a few minutes.

A few conditions must be met for this system to work before your car will auto-lock. The car can’t be left running because the sensor will detect an engine running and it won’t activate it for safety reasons.

It’s very important you remember this if you want to start your Sierra on a cold day and let it warm up while you go back into the house. It will still be running and unlocked unless you go back to the vehicle to manually lock the doors.

All the doors to your vehicle have to be firmly closed for the system to auto-lock. Your control panel should let you know if the doors are still open, and the ignition key has to be switched to the on position.

Before exiting your Sierra, make sure the doors are not left open. The passive door locking feature will also not lock the doors if you leave your key fob in the car.

This is to avoid you don’t accidentally lock yourself out of your own vehicle.

Ways To Unlock Your Gmc Sierra Without The Key

Use your key fob

These small gadgets can be provided when you purchase a new vehicle that rolls off the assembly lines. Some are on the keyring with your keys, and others are part of the car’s key itself.

All you have to do is press the Unlock button located on the fob, and your GMC Sierra will be unlocked. When you purchase a new vehicle, the dealership is going to provide you with two of these fobs.

Keep one for your everyday use and stash the other one somewhere safe, just in case you lock yourself out and require an easy and quick way to get back into your vehicle.

Use a slim Jim

This is another way to unlock your GMC Sierra without the key. This tool can work a lot better than a coat hanger when it comes to unlocking a vehicle’s door from the outside.

It has been used by locksmiths for plenty of years and it can pop open any lock in seconds if used correctly. If you don’t know how to do it, you should call a locksmith so you prevent damaging the interior of the door panel.


By using this method, you can do much more than unlock your vehicle if you are locked out. Keep in mind that you need to subscribe to the service beforehand.

Also, you can have an OnStar representative unlock your vehicle or use their phone to do it for you.

Call your locksmith

If you don’t want to risk your car’s structure, you can always call a locksmith to do the job. Most of them have a 24-hour service, but they tend to charge a premium fee for any late-night or holiday calls.

However, they will always provide the best services, and they will be able to unlock your car quickly and efficiently when you can’t find your key.

Remote control button master

For this method, you are going to need the following tools:

  • Plastic wedge.
  • Airbag.
  • Remote control button master.

You can also use any pole stick with a hook at the end. Preferably two airbags you can use because they can provide a bigger gap for easier manipulation. Follow the steps shown below:

  1. Pry the window using a plastic wedge. This plastic will create a space for putting the airbags.
  2. Put the airbags into the space that was created by the plastic wedge. Once the airbags are in position, inflate the airbag by pressing the pump. Make sure the airbag is in a good position, if not, you won’t be able to work correctly.

For maximum performance, ensure you insert the airbags halfway or three-quarters depending on the space. By putting the hydraulic pressure on the airbag, you will create a gap that will be large enough to insert the pole stick, but in this case, it’s going to be the remote control button master.

Using airbags will be useful because they don’t damage your car’s door. Tweak the airbags to ensure they are in the correct position. Remember to tighten the airbags every time you tweak them.

From this point, do the following:

  1. The remote control button has a cable and a noose that you can control using the handle. Thanks to the noose’s curvature, you can hook the vertical doorknob of your Sierra.
  2. After you ensure the noose has a tight grip on the doorknob, pull up and the door will be unlocked.
  3. Remove the cable and the airbags out of the door to remove the pressure on the door latch.

Final Thoughts On How To Unlock A Gmc Sierra Without A Key

Hopefully, the methods we brought today are helpful to you. If you use the technology featured in your GMC Sierra, you won’t have to worry about losing your keys again.

But if you find yourself in this frustrating situation, you can always call your locksmith to give you a hand. We hope you have found this post useful, and from now on, always keep a spare key near you. 

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