How to Smoke Headlights

A smoked headlight is a type of vehicle light that is placed on the front grille and emits a bluish light. When the headlights are on, the purpose of this light is to make their appearance more natural. To create this appearance, the lens must be smoked. A smoked lens appears black to the eye and produces less glare and reflections than a clear or lighter colored lens.

Originally, this type of headlamp was used solely for aesthetic reasons, but it is now used for a variety of functional uses in addition to aesthetics. For example, in several countries, drivers are prohibited from using any type of high beam during nighttime hours because it disturbs the vision of other drivers. When this occurs, it is preferable to use smoked headlights.

We review the process of tinting headlights with tinted film and show you the best method for doing so, as well as how to install them correctly.

Film Tint VS. Spray paint

Window tinting comes in two varieties: spray and film. The spray is the more commonly used method.

Since both have advantages and disadvantages, in this article I have outlined the differences between them so you can determine which is best for you and your circumstances.

Film Tint

The tinted film is applied to the outside of the window using an adhesive. This type of automotive tint blocks UV rays, provides heat relief, and can be easily replaced if scratched. The tinted film must be cut to the exact size of the window for proper application.

Spray Tint

This tint is permanent and can be applied to windows of any size. Spray tint does not offer as much UV protection and is very difficult to repair if your window is scratched. There are also not as many color options for this type of tint.

Steps To Smoke Headlights

It would be helpful if you had something that could naturally smoke your headlights, and they are:

  • Backing paper
  • Tint
  • Glass cleaner or spray
  • Tape

Step 1: Clean Headlights

You must recognize the importance of cleaning your car headlight lenses. Clean the light mirrors and use the amazing headlight cleaner carefully to remove the rust from the headlights. If you want to be neat and clean, you will have to find a protective paper that fits the shape of the protective paper and fits the headlight lens.

Step 2: Remove the Lens Cover

To convert your lights to smoke headlights, be sure to properly attach the backing paper lens cover. Remove the lens cover from the backing paper after rubbing the headlight almost dry with the palms of your hands; but, in this situation, it is safest to wear gloves to keep your hands clean.

Step 3: Add a spray paint

After installing the lens cover, you will need to add quick spray paint to create the look you want for your vehicle. Purchase high-quality tapes that are safe for the vehicle and prevent liquids from entering the system and components.

Step 5: Spraying color spray on headlights

The last step is to spray the color spray on the smoked headlights from a distance to provide a safe tint. Spraying the entire headlamp lens gives it a deep look.

Advantages & Disadvantages of smoke headlights

Before you decide to smoke it, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of smoking a headlight, as well as the details of the rules of the road.

You will get a nice lookLower light output is obtained
The headlights of your car are adjustedMany countries impose restrictions on modification
You’ll reduce the unwanted beam of light without having to replace your headlights.Dangerous in foggy conditions
Reducing excessive light from the car is a good ideaHomologation required to smoke the headlamp
Be inventive when it comes to vehicle architecture


Are smoked lights illegal?

You can “smoke all your lights” and they won’t be illegal until you drive your car on a road with them in a “smoked” state.

Do smoked headlights reduce visibility?

It is, really. Reducing the heavy chrome headlight color, when the headlights look much deeper under the dark/black housing. If not “blacked out”, this alternative would have a smoked look, while retaining all the performance of the smoked option.

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