How To Reset GM Instrument Cluster

Occasionally it happens that all the lights on your GM flicker or illuminate at the same time, and if this has happened to you, you know how difficult it would be to drive. Therefore, you must be familiar with the process of resetting the gm instrument cluster to drive the vehicle safely.

Even if you can drive the gm, you will not have access to information about the rate, fuel, heating, etc.

This article will give you basic information regarding the instrument clusters before getting into the details of how to reset the instrument cluster on a General Motors automobile. The job is not very difficult to do after having obtained a drop of the instrument cluster as a whole.

What Is An Instrument Cluster?

Essentially, it is a set of indications that provide us with critical information about the operation and condition of our automobile.

This data can be displayed in a variety of ways, such as a needle pointing to a specific location, a digital display that shows numerical and visual values, or light signals known as telltales that indicate a specific position. It is possible to view fuel and oil levels, travel speed, engine rpm and temperature, oil pressure, battery charge, and other vital information on the instrument panel.

How To Reset GM Instrument Cluster [Step by step]

how to reset gm instrument cluster

1. Eliminating Headlight Fuses

It is necessary to examine the fuse box, which is located under the hood. Remove the 15A fuses from the low-beam headlights on the right and left sides of the vehicle from this position.

2. SEL/RESET button

Take the ignition key, insert it into the ignition instrument and turn the dial from zero to one (you can keep it at one if you wish).

Now, find the SEL/RESET button and press and hold it.

If your vehicle does not have this button, you can look for it under another button that says Multi-Information Display Info.

3. Turning the Ignition Switch On

Now you have to turn on the headlights and then gently turn the ignition key.

When you see the lights turn on, you should start preparing for the next procedure. You have five seconds to complete the task of turning the headlights off and then on again.

Just turn the headlights on first and then off to complete the process.

Now move your hands quickly to the Sel/Reset button again and release the button. That whole process must be done within 5 seconds.

4. Reinstalling Headlights Fuses

So you are almost done with the process of resetting the GM instrument cluster. You need to turn the vehicle off via the ignition switch.

All that is left is to replace the headlight fuses that were removed in step 1 and you are done with the procedure.


What causes the instrument cluster to stop working?

The cause may be a blown fuse or a problem with the power supply to the car’s instrument panel.

How do I know if my gm instrument cluster is bad?

Dim instrument panel illumination
The engine warning light comes on sporadically or constantly
Occasional malfunction of gauges
Inaccurate reading of gauges
Lights flashing or coming on sporadically
Flashing lights
Indicators not audible
Faulty indicators
Stuck needles

How much does it cost to fix the instrument clusters?

The average cost to replace an instrument cluster ranges from $800 to $1000.

Can a bad battery cause gauges not to work?

Yes, it is possible, that a low battery voltage may cause this problem. Another cause could be bad wiring in the instrument panel.

Final Thoughts

If you have a GM, you know how annoying it is to not find current information and it gets worse when you can’t find any information about it.

Luckily, we have noticed that problem and decided to create this article, which details basic, but useful information on what is an instrument cluster and what steps are necessary to help you when you are looking for the best way how to reset gm instrument cluster.

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