How to Reset Battery Light On Ford F150

People often look for methods to reset the battery lights on their Ford F150. It’s easy if you decide you want to fix the big challenge. If there is a problem with the battery or alternator, the battery indicator will start to light up. You must examine the battery, how can this be done?

  • You must first open the hood of the car before attempting to start the car.
  • At the same time, if you try to start the car and have a hard time, it is possible that the battery is out of power due to improper charging of the alternator.
  • You can get a Ford F150 battery for a couple of hundred dollars and take it to a reputable shop for a convenient replacement.

Why Is My Battery Light On?

When resetting the battery light, you must first determine “Why is the battery light on?” So, if you own a Ford vehicle, we have a few things for you. Before you consult a nearby mechanic, get to know them!

Ford cars, like all modern automobiles, typically have 12V batteries to power the car’s headlights, phone, ignition mechanism, computer, and engine. You will not be able to start your Ford if it does not have live fuel.

The car has a voltage regulator to charge the battery. Your engine will be stripped if you fill the battery irregularly. When the battery is depleted or cannot meet the car’s needs, the battery symbol appears on the dashboard icon.

Only after the car or battery power is depleted can the battery warning light come on. The most effective way to restore battery life and the battery monitor in the Ford F150 is to schedule a battery repair. However, if your car’s alternator is still charging the batteries, the battery indicator will illuminate.

Steps to Reset Battery Light On Ford f150

Step 1: Drawing power off

The power indicator lights up, indicating that there is a problem with the battery. You should examine the battery approach. To reset the battery light, both devices must be off. The warning light is on, as your truck has some control left in a short time. Turn off vehicle accessories, including headlights, AC power, audio system, heating system, and other items.

Step 2: Check the battery condition

Why not check the battery right now? The battery loses the most in hot environments, as it lacks the appeal of regular activity. Check the battery terminals (remove the cover) just in case to avoid injury. After removing the battery terminal cover, you may see a white or green powder, which may suggest a problem with the battery conductivity. To expose the terminals, wear safety gloves.

Step 3: Ensure that the battery terminals are clean

Battery terminals, like all automotive machinery, can corrode over time. If the battery indicator illuminates, the battery terminals should be washed for cost-effective repair. Household cleaners and grease should be used to disinfect them. Begin cleaning corroded areas of the battery with a basic toothbrush dipped in detergent.

Step 4: Tighten terminal clamps

When washing the battery terminals, don’t forget to also clean the clips and use wrenches, screws, and pliers to secure them to the loose pieces. For this, I recommend consulting the OEM guidelines for Ford models.

Step 5: Reset Battery Cables

You may first reset the battery cable before resetting the battery indicator. To do this, connect the red wire to the starter relay. The red (output) cable can lead to the alternator and relay fuse connection. Is the friendship in danger? If you suspect that the wire is broken, have it repaired by a specialist. It can supply control to the car engine system.

Step 6: Recharge battery and fix alternator

I recommend that you charge the Ford truck battery first. Failure to do so will drain the battery. Therefore, consider the liability of vehicle parts or equipment. Voltage regulators and alternators should fall into a specific group. In general, if the voltage drops and the battery indicator lights up, you can do careful treatment and repair as soon as possible!

Step 7: Alternator belt replacement

The alternator could then operate normally to turn on the headlights, audio, electrical options, radio meeting, and charging mechanism. Sometimes, the alternator fails and does not produce enough electricity, causing the battery to discharge quickly. To fix the alternator mechanism of a Ford truck, you should contact a competent mechanic. The alternator belts, which cost between $100 and $150, will need to be replaced.

Step 8: Reset battery light

To reset the battery sensor, you must first access the truck’s computer device. Have you heard of the FTP (Fuel Test Program)? This program monitors the fuel mileage and the charging mechanism, which helps to accelerate the alternator. Here, you must perform the following steps to reset the battery indicator:

  1. Please get the diagnostic details from Ford.
  2. Then reconnect the battery in certain stages.
  3. After disconnection, go to the main screen of the vehicle to charge the battery through the data stream. Finally, you can adjust the settings, including battery temperature, charge, voltage, and other options.

Step 9: Test for battery reset

Finally, a test battery reset would be essential and can be accomplished using the battery monitoring (BCM, BMS) device. Ford truck models used a method of modifying the gas mileage system.

Pro Tips to keep the Ford F150 battery light working properly

Make sure that the alternator performance is adapted to the battery power before removing the alternator.

Electrolyte leakage

This is why we often talk about an acid spill and a car burn. A leak will occur at the negative terminal of the battery, causing the sensor control device to fail.

It may result in overheating and fire. To make the move, you can use absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries and stronger lead-acid batteries.

Check the serpentine belt condition

Check whether the serpentine belt is loose or not. As it deteriorates, squealing, glazing, balling, and wear will occur. It should be replaced by trained technicians.

Check the fuse box

The fuse box, can be found under the hood or inside the truck. You must decide if any fuses have blown, resulting in a short circuit, and replace them with better fuses.


I hope you have learned all the strategies to reset the battery gauge on a Ford F150. Is it simple? Let us know what you think. In the blink of an eye, our specialists tried to demonstrate the abilities of the battery. The battery light works on the same concept as the engine light. When there is a problem with the charger, it can glow. Working together with professionals to solve problems will help you get up and running quickly. Thanks for joining us!

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