How to Pass Your Driving Test the First Time

You can pass the driving test easily with confidence

Hey, are you feeling apprehensive about your upcoming driving test? Then don’t worry, most people are sailing in the same boat, and many do not pass their test on the first attempt or even after multiple attempts. 

But you can be one of the successful ones and pass your test on the first attempt by following some simple tips. 

How to Pass Your Driving Test the First Time

1. Prepare well

Don’t wait until the last week to suddenly start practicing. It is not like a class test where you study the night before and pass. Many people fail as they do not practice well for some weeks.

Regular practice will make you imbibe the knowledge and execute it from time to time. Using the signals and all the different controls in the car will help you be at ease at the test time.

The examiner can perceive your comfort and confidence around the controls, which will help you get some positive credits. 

2. It is alright to be nervous.

You don’t have to hide your anxiety, as almost everyone feels the same way on the test day. Acknowledge and admit to the examiner that you are nervous, and then get to the real test. He is used to people doing silly things during their tests, oblivious to this. Please focus on the task and do it as well as you can. 

3. Book the most convenient slot in the day 

Book a test for the time in the day when you know that your mind works well and is alert. It can be early morning before going to work, or if you work night shifts, then an evening slot will work well for you.

You have to be energetic and alert when you take the test to respond well to the commands and questions. 

4. Sleep well the previous night

Whether drinking or partying or nervousness, not being able to sleep may cause you to be on edge during the real test. Sleep deprivation and hangovers usually cloud our judgment, and you must be fresh and alert on the day of the test. 

5. Study well before the test

This doesn’t mean memorizing and reading just before the test. You can study when you have time in the previous weeks, and slowly the instructions will be part of your driving style.

Do not read or learn new things on the day of the test. If you don’t know certain important aspects until the day before, it is time to reschedule the test as you are not ready for the license. 

6. Do not get scared during the test you make a mistake. 

Do not give up even if you commit a mistake. It is alright to miss a small point and then focus on the test. If you become more nervous and start making more mistakes, you will fail the test. But allow yourself some slack and let the examiner decide.  

7. Do not be overconfident.

This is another trait that the examiner will perceive if the person seems overconfident and arrogant about the knowledge. Many people pass their tests as they are confident and focused.

Answer all the questions confidently and focus on the questions and directions. Stay calm and tell yourself that you will pass the test, and then just execute the tasks with confidence. 

8. Try to be aware of the surroundings and stay in the moment.

This is important every time you drive your vehicle. You cannot allow your mind to wander and lose track of your tasks. While driving, a driver must be aware of the surroundings and other vehicles that may come from any side. They also have to be aware of jaywalkers, signals, and the vehicle dashboard.

The examiner will silently observe your reaction to all sudden distractions and how you react to each situation. Checking the mirrors, keeping track of the road, looking left and right from time to time, etc., are small things that must be inherent while driving.

The examiner will give you marks for all these aspects and how you react to the situations while making the final decision. 

9. Ask questions if you do not understand 

This may be your first test or second, yet you may not know everything. So, it is alright if you don’t understand the instructions given by the examiner. Ask again and then follow. It is also alright if you don’t know certain actions.

You must slow down and park in a safe place and ask him what to do in a situation if you didn’t know that part before. If you don’t know how to cross multiple crossways without any signal, then you may have to take help from him to navigate you.

He can appreciate that you didn’t know some aspects but won’t approve if you just followed the traffic and took the wrong turn at high speed. 

10. Be sure of the actions. 

Even seasoned drivers may make a few mistakes. If a person is confident and drives without putting others in jeopardy, he is likely to sail through the test even if he makes a couple of technical mistakes.

Be calm and appear confident while driving and the attitude will impress the examiner. Similarly, apply the brakes softly without sudden jerky movements. All these will earn you brownie points. 

Remember the following things/ actions for the test-

  1. Read the checklist carefully and practice and drive for a few weeks before the test date.
  2. Always keep track of your surroundings while driving.
  3. Drive slower than the speed limit all the time.
  4. Check your mirrors, dashboard, and air pressure in the tires, and wear the seat belt before starting the car. 
  5. Don’t be overconfident or extremely nervous. Try to be calm. 
  6. Do not give up even if you make a mistake or two. It is overall demeanor and confidence while driving that matter. 


You can pass the driving test with flying colors and that too the first time with practice. It cannot be achieved in one week of driving lessons and cramming the information for the test. Focus and being calm and driving confidently comes only with practice

Liam Dare

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