How To Make Your Car Louder

There may be dozens of reasons why a vehicle would want to be upgraded to make louder noise. So try checking into those. Maybe some parts are rusted, or the recent upgrades make it difficult to get the engine roaring enough to be audible.

Maybe the exhaust pipes are having issues. Try to get a detailed check-up done. There could be another reason – like letting people know that your car is around the corner or making others aware of the vehicle.

A car, or any vehicle for that matter, that does not make at least a little bit of sound has some problem with them. 

Ways To Increase The Loudness Of The Car Engine.

1. Install a new muffler on your car

Mufflers inside a car have just one job: muffle the noise or sound coming from the vehicle. They are fit near the exhaust pipe to muffle the noise. If you remove the muffler, then the car’s sound will be extremely loud for a normal human being to bear.

That is why try looking for a muffler that will increase the noise from the car while still keeping it under control not to let there be any excessive pollution and damage the ears. In that way, you can get the desired results and have things under a limit.

2. Try to upgrade the car’s engine to a bigger one

This may be one of the main reasons your car does not make enough noise. The engine of your car may be too small. Try fitting a bigger engine in your car, if possible, to increase the loudness of the vehicle.

However, remember that the other parts of the car should be equally powerful to take up and match with the engine you are planning on getting for your car. The bigger your car engine is, the more noise it will make.

3. Buy larger and bigger sized exhaust pipes

They can help a lot with getting a loud sound coming from your engine and car. When the noise gets over the muffler, it is exhausted from the vehicles through the exhaust pipes.

So getting bigger-sized pipes will increase the volume of the sound instead of lowering or dampening it.

4. Adding an exhaust tip is a smart choice

Imagine fast and furious movies. They mostly feature cars that got roaring engines, making it seem like the cars could be heard from a good amount of distance before they even reach their destination.

If you are on a budget and want to keep your exhaust pipes, go for an exhaust tip. They have a design that specifically gives the muffler’s reverse effect and increases the engine’s sound. That gives the roaring sound you see in the movies.

5. Try welded mounts for rubber hangers

As rubber is an excellent material to dampen sounds, metal is the opposite. It enhances the sound. That is why most exhaust systems in the four-wheeler vehicle have rubber hangers installed to limit the engine’s noise.

But if the car is completely silent to the point of not being noticed, that is not a good sign. Through legal measures, try installing welded mounts. They will help the noise from the car become fairly audible.

6. Drill holes in the exhaust

Probably the most convenient and cheapest way a person can get the car louder. Drilling holes in the exhaust will let in more air, as well as the sound waves coming from the pipes.

This way, you can get the loud noise without adding anything extra to the car or removing any part of the car to get the car loud.

7. Try for straight piping

As the name suggests, straight piping is just straight pipes that are fit from the headers of the vehicle to the back. These are long tubes and make a lot of noise. That is why this method is favored by most race car racers and people who have bigger vehicles like trucks.

They also release a lot of smell because of the burning oil. Even though it is cheap, it is something that is sometimes considered illegal. So try to keep that in mind while thinking of fitting or using the straight piping method.

8. Get a cat-back done

If you want something convenient and cheap, this is the one for you. It does not give any unnecessary trouble and gets the car going ‘loud.’

The exhaust sound gets deeper, and the driving will be rewarding. So if your car is not very audible and you want it to be, plus to get some extra effect, go for a cat-back. It is cheap, but worth the investment you will put into it.

9. Try the cold intake technique

Cooler air contains more oxygen, which can help with more powerful combustion. If the car takes in cooler air instead of hot air, it will also affect the sound’s quality and volume.

The cold air intake equipment is beneficial as it changes how the car will take in air from the environment. Since this machine is also less restrictive than the stock air intake, the air will also flow freely.

This, in turn, can get your engine roaring with the dense air hitting near the wheels and producing a great amount of noise. Compared to mods for exhaust, the intake is cheap. Though it is tilting towards the expensive side.

10. Maybe consider turbochargers

Turbochargers can add volume to the car’s sound by miles. They also have the advantage of improving the performance of the car.

However, the car and the model should be compatible with the turbocharger, or you will not get them for the car. So check whether the car is eligible to get the turbochargers.

Moreover, this equipment is pretty costly. Not only the chargers themselves but also the extra fuel that may be needed.

Although it is an amazing product to make the car louder and get better performance, it still got certain conditions to be fulfilled. Like the budget and compatibility.

Liam Dare

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