How to Make Your Car Exhaust Louder – Low Budget Solutions

Some drivers like it when their vehicles are loud, while others do not so much. Due to the increase of drivers, many car manufacturers have decided to improve the design of the exhaust system so that it can provide a better sound.

If you are someone who appreciates the magnificence of an engine sound, then making the exhaust louder is both a quick and inexpensive way to obtain this. In today’s article, we are going to explore the methods and components you can use to obtain an improved sound system.

Important Information About Noise Laws

Before telling you which methods you can use to make your vehicle’s exhaust louder, you have to consider if this is a good idea. You should probably be aware of this, but there are laws that state how loud a car can be.

In case you don’t have an efficient muffler to control the exhaust, you will definitely face problems with the authorities. You might get a ticket when you drive your vehicle, and if it gets too loud, you will have to pay for a lot of tickets.

What’S The Exhaust System?

The engine is one of the loudest components, but in reality, the exhaust system is the one that makes sounds that can be both pleasant and annoying. Many people have driven cars without an exhaust manifold, and they can confirm that it can be painful, but it can also be satisfying for those who love loud cars.

The exhaust has different purposes. From diverting fumes far from the engine and passengers to dissipating heat and even cleansing the fumes through catalytic converters and filters.

A lot of these components are legally required to be there, so whichever technique you decide to use, you should check beforehand if it complies with noise, insurance regulations, and emissions. 

Also, the exhaust sound is not the same as the engine sound. No matter what you do to the exhaust system, there is no way you can get your inline-4 engine sound to replicate what a V8 can do, or a boxer engine sounds like an inline-6. 

Besides, there are plenty of factors that can shape and influence exhaust sound. When you listen to a vehicle rev, what you are listening to is a mix of sounds coming from the engine, intake, and exhaust system. 

Carmakers invest a lot in their noise, volume, and harshness to create the ideal exhaust system. If there is a slight change in the exhaust system, it will be noticeable. 

How To Make An Exhaust Louder?

If you are willing to spend at least $100, then you can use the methods you are going to find below. Keep in mind that paying for professional repairs, you will have to pay more than $300.

1. Exhaust tip 

They are cheap and effective. Also, they provide a nice look, so you will have everything you want with an exhaust tip. In case you don’t have too much money, you can always go to Amazon and look for an affordable product. We suggest you choose brushed exhaust tips, as they are more resistant than others.

Also, look for videos of other people using these components to listen to their opinions. This way you can discard them or use them if they turn out to be beneficial.

Besides, by watching a video, you can learn how to place the exhaust tip correctly, and you won’t have to stress about not knowing how to put the component.

2. High-performance muffler

These components will do their name justice. They use several plates that are going to suppress the sounds that the engine is making. Thanks to this information you can already tell that a high-performance muffler will be ideal for comfortable rides, but a car enthusiast won’t enjoy installing them. 

Choosing a high-performance model will severely increase a car’s noise, but not in a bad way.  Something you need to know is that a new muffler can cost around $100 depending on the option you choose. Replacing it means using specific tools, and not everyone is ready to do that.

3. Muffler delete

If you choose this method, you will have to take the muffler cylinder right out of the exhaust system, to then replace it using a straight pipe.

This option refers to removing the muffler cylinder out of the exhaust system and then replacing it with a straight pipe. You can purchase it on Amazon, and it will cost less than $70.

When you remove the cylinder, it’s important that you consider the laws and regulations of the state you live in. In some places, vehicles are required to have a muffler, and in other states, the decision is up to the authorities, and if you have bad luck, you won’t be able to have the sound system you want.

4. Make holes 

That’s right; you can also drill several holes near the muffler or through it to obtain louder sounds. Not everyone is willing to drill holes on their vehicles, but this is actually one of the best and least expensive options.

Nonetheless, the exhaust can fight rust only from the outside, and if you are drilling holes, you will increase the corrosion rate, so you will have to replace the muffler. Note that there is a lot that can and will definitely go wrong over time, and you might not be satisfied with the results. 

Your choice will depend on what you want, but we are certain that these methods are going to help you a lot. 

Final Recommendations

With these cheap methods to get a louder exhaust, you will get a better sound system. However, if you want to spend more money, then you can install a turbocharger to boost your vehicle’s exhaust.

We have more useful tips for you in case you are looking for extra help related to your car. All you have to do is follow the steps we presented in this article so that you have the best results.

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