How To Fix The Speakers Making Noise (easy DIY!)

Assuming that you switched off the stereo and engine of your car, walked out after a long day, and suddenly, you hear music or weird ‘hissing’ noise coming from the head unit. In the first instance, any average person would find it spooky; however, that is not the case. 

Here’s some news for you- we’re here to help you find the causes and solutions for this prevalent problem of cars. Some would be aware of it, while others won’t, and it is natural that they would want to fix the issue as soon as possible. Keep reading through! 

Reasons Why Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off

Experts and engineers are pros in decoding the issue, but what should a naïve do in this case? First of all, it is vital to diagnose the problem with the speaker unit and then go on to fix it. Nonetheless, there’s a chance of one of the following issues- 

1. Speaker still receiving the power 

Different cars are designed with varying power systems and sources. One of the first things you should check in your vehicle is whether it is connected to the power source even after switching off the engine. Some stereos will switch off as soon as you turn off the ignition, and some might produce noise after switching off. 

It is fine for the speaker to start, even if the engine is off. However, if you hear weird noises after removing the key, your speaker is still availing power, and it sounds like a problem. 


There is a quick and easy solution to this problem- you have to switch off the car before turning off the ignition. This step would be enough to fix your issue. 

2. Issues with electrical interface 

Sometimes, your car’s head unit can extract power from an external source apart from internal sources. Issues with the electrical interface are always related to an external power source.

The outside source can be any electrical device or an object emitting electrical signals from something as small as a mobile phone or massive as a power plant.  

Even if you have connected your phone to the stereo through an aux cable, you will notice some weird buzzing noises. It usually happens if the speakers are connected to an aftermarket amplifier.  


A quick method to fix the issues with the electrical interface if the head unit is connected to an amplifier is- 

  • Check if the RCA cable is not running through the amp’s cable or any other wire. You must connect the RCA wire to the head unit. 
  • The second method is- Move the power wire away from the RCA cable because it will produce noise in the speaker. 

3. Grounding 

One of the most common issues arises when the car is unmoving while the wires are not attached firmly. It results in unpleasant static noises from the speakers. You should check if the speaker’s wires are correctly grounded with the designated sources.  

Amp, head unit, and equalizer should be correctly attached to the head unit.  


The wiring needs to be connected to the system’s chassis via a metallic bolt to establish the grounding. Also, make sure the wires are as thick as the power wire of the component. If the problem persists, replace your ground wire with a thicker one.  

4. Noises from the RCA cables 

The RCA cables or the patch cables are connected to the audio system. Sometimes, these cables pick up a static noise heard in the speakers. These wires are supposed to be of high quality and adequately insulated.

If you’re using a cheap quality wire, you will listen to static noise from the speakers because of them. 


There is only one solution: to attach a new set of wires to the audio jack. If you want to use the same old cable wires, remove them from the receiver and connect them with the amplifier. 

5. Noise coming from the radio 

If you hear the noise only when you listen to the radio, there is a problem with your car’s antenna. Since the antenna receives radio signals from the satellite, fixing it will solve the issue. 


Try removing antenna wire from the head unit of the speakers and see if the noise goes away. Then join the antenna properly.

What Should I Do If My Engine Is Producing Sound?

Something is wrong with the electrical interface of your car if the sound is coming from the engine. Refill the battery acid in the motor and see if the sound goes off. If it doesn’t go, then call your mechanic for help.  

Apart from that, you can also fix the alternator to filter out the noise from the battery. 

What To Do If The Sound Is Coming From A New Amplifier? 

A poorly mounted amplifier will lead to noises from your stereo system. The amplifier shouldn’t touch the car’s chassis, and if it does, then create a distance with the help of a rubber.  

What Is A Noise Filter? 

Noise filters effectively temporarily solve the problem of speakers making noise when the car is off. Follow these DIY steps for installation- 

  • Attach its plug with the stereo socket. 
  • Now connect the speaker’s wires with the noise filter. 
  • Join the wires with the help of an adapter.

Bottom Line 

Weird speaker noises are bearable while driving the car, but if they keep producing sound even when the vehicle is off, it is a problem. No more, though, because we’ve enlisted all the possible reasons behind these hissing sounds and how you can fix it yourself. 

Every problem has a definite solution. However, some require professional help, like engine sounds and alternator issues. Damaged wires call for a replacement. Nonetheless, there is nothing that cannot be fixed. 

We hope this guide was helpful for you, and next time you hear these static noises, you know which article to follow!

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