Best Exhaust System for Silverado 1500

Chevrolet’s Silverado 1500 has a powerful engine capacity and it completely matches your sporty taste. It is one of the top choices in the USA market. The interiors have a fresh touch with adequate space and amazing technology with easy-to-use features. The towing capacity of the vehicle is extremely good and serves the purpose of picking heavy goods.

An exhaust system is one of the essential parts that support the smooth working of a vehicle. The system removes harmful toxins from the vehicle engine. A good exhaust system can increase the shelf life of your vehicle by deducting emissions. A healthy engine needs a good exhaust system to avoid any harmful buildups.

Now that it is obvious that Silverado is well built and strong, it surely needs an exhaust system that uses its potential to the best. It should be able to use high power and bring excellent sound quality to the vehicle.

The basic things to look for before buying an exhaust system are-

  1. Material used to manufacture the system that will decide the life
  2. The installation process which should not be a tedious task
  3. The amount of noise you prefer
  4. Always look for a system that fits in your vehicle properly

Here are some products that can help you to make a decision.

Best Exhaust System for Silverado 1500

1. Flowmaster’s 717787  system

This system has great durability and it is outstanding in terms of performance. If you want to have medium to high sounds that will give a fierce vibe to your vehicle, Flowmaster is an excellent option.

You do not need to put much effort into installing the system as it is quite simple to install in your own garage. All the hardware parts and an instruction manual come with the product. The pipe is made of stainless steel material with a weight of approx 42.2 pounds which gives it a strong and sturdy feel. The tips are coated with ceramic.

It makes the release of exhaust very smooth and will support your vehicle for years due to the quality material. This exhaust system is suited to a number of vehicle models.

If you want an aggressive sound but only to give a sporty vibe instead of causing disturbances for your neighbors, Flowmaster cat-back exhaust system will do the job.

2. Borla Back exhaust system

You might find this exhaust system a little heavy for your pocket but the quality of the material makes it worth it. It is made of stainless steel with chrome fittings that will provide you with a benefit for years.

The hard work added to bring up the superior technology used in this system provides great performance and increases the capacity of your engine.

It gives a roaring sound on the outside that is perfect for your Silverado 1500. Effective technology makes fuel management an economical thing for you.

The ATAK in the name represents “acoustically tuned applied kinetics”. The parts are light in weight (around 54.2 pounds)and easy to install. It makes the airflow smooth and simple which increases the efficiency of the vehicle.

3. CORSA exhaust system

Corsa is one of the leading brands in the exhaust-making business. With more than 20 years of experience and a dedicated research team, they produce high-quality exhaust systems for their trusted users and help their customers transform their cars with a personal touch.

CORSA’s Cat-Back Exhaust System comes with Sound Cancellation (RSC) Technology that allows a drone-free exhaust sound. It is styled to specifically fit the personality of your Silverado 1500.

It enhances the performance of your engine which in return boosts the vehicle efficiency. Not only this it provides you, aggressive sounds under acceleration.

It is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel which ensures longevity and durability. The dual-walled design is capable of protecting from excessive heat emissions.

In short, Corsa is one of the market leaders that focuses primarily on customer satisfaction.

4. Magna flow Exhaust system

The system is made of dual pipe with a weight of approx 60 pounds. The material is stainless steel that gives a strong finish. One of the added advantages is the lifetime warranty on the product.

The system increases horsepower with its quality performance. If you are not a big fan of very fierce sounds, Magna flow exhaust systems can be a good option for you. It produces a smooth sound and with that comes the clear airflow.

Coming to installation, it’s not a time-consuming process, just ensure to check all the parts are available with you. Overall, this system is a worthy deal.

5. Flowmaster’s 717857 system

For someone who likes speed, this power-packed product is solely for you. If you are looking for something with a medium to highly fierce sound for both exterior and interior, this product is quite suitable for you. Along with the structure, the steel quality is outstanding and gives a sturdy look.

The black ceramic coating on the tips of the steel gives a complete look to the product. The product surely has a long-lasting life and the lifetime warranty is a plus. Note-This system is different from the previously mentioned product.

It is super easy to install the product which makes the handling very convenient. You need to follow the instructions mentioned thoroughly. The airflow becomes smooth with the help of this system and does not levy much burden on the engine, thus increasing efficiency in performance.

Final Thoughts – Best Exhaust System for Silverado 1500

Being an important part of the vehicle, deciding on which system to buy any requires your utmost attention.

It should be able to support the basic function of muffling the sound. If you love a wild sporty vibe, having an eco-friendly system should also go along. You can add a special touch to your car and care for the environment too at the same time.

A good exhaust system can make the toxic gases bearable for the outside. Always look for the material which is durable and the performance of the system. It must provide good returns for the money invested.

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