Convert Car To Push Button Start – Informative Guide

In the modern era, it’s practical to have a car that has a push-start button. As the automobile came with a key and ignition start, one might feel that they are not comfortable with it, however, as the technology has been upgraded to the next level, they realize that choosing it is always a better option.

The keyless ignition system gives a unique feeling to one’s but also saves time by eliminating the need to search for your car keys every time you want to go for a drive.

It has a fob that you may carry with you at all times (within proximity). Low-frequency signals on the fob serve as an authentication mechanism for the keyless ignition system. This technology is now commonly used in every car. People having health issues, who struggle to hold the keys might benefit greatly from push-button start ignitions.

Is The Push-To-Start System Compatible With Your Vehicle?

Always check that the upgrade you want on your vehicle is even suitable for your car.

This is because the majority of automobiles are not suitable for it. Bringing it into a shop for a professional evaluation is the simplest method to accomplish this.

Advantages Of Upgrading To Push-Button Start

One is always eager to convert their automobiles into high-tech functioning only by knowing a few advantages. Here are some benefits of having a better understanding of switching to a push-button start.

Minor prospect of leaving keys in the car

One of the biggest fears is leaving the keys in the vehicle itself. However, having a push-button start will automatically make an alarming sound if the key fob is left inside the vehicle. It could even stop the doors from locking, ensuring that your keys are never unintentionally locked inside.

Using a dead key fob to start a vehicle

Key fobs are excellent since they substitute a conventional key in modern times, still, these gadgets break down because they run with a help of a battery. It is still feasible to start the automobile if the key fob dies. This means that rather than being stuck, one may go to the shop to get the battery of your key fob changed.

Possibility of manually starting a vehicle

People are unaware of the fact that most of the key fobs have a regular key inside them that they can pull out when the key fob is not working properly so that they can start the car manually.

Disadvantages Of Upgrading To Push-Button Start

The cost of this technology

The pricing of this technology is included with the vehicle’s initial purchasing price. Nevertheless, like any electrical device, it eventually comes down to the point where you either have to replace the entire key fob or fix the entire system. For any reason, one won’t be able to take the automobile to repair if it breaks down since it won’t start without the key.

Can be easily hacked

As there are no keys it makes it difficult for people to steal them manually. Nonetheless, there are hackers out in the world who are creating new strategies to steal one’s car due to the electronic controls induced in it. A plethora of programming tools are available out there, which if fall into the wrong hands will let that person easily hack into one’s electronic system of the car and will reprogram a blank key fob to the transponder code.

Push-Start Button Kits

One needs to understand a push-start button kit to make the conversion. They are widely available, and for their convenience, some of them are even listed on Amazon. When choosing the kit, there are numerous things to consider.

There are variations available that will allow for a greater range even though the majority of push-button start systems just require the key fob to be inside the car. One can easily start their car even if they are in the house.

There is a suitable application that helps you in starting and controlling your automobile features as the new system is digitalized. This function is well-liked by many people since it lets you lock and unlock the car from the smartphone in addition to starting the vehicle.

One needs to be aware of the fact that the majority of kits only contain one key fob. Consider this before making the change because additional key fobs or even multiples normally come at an additional fee.

Push Start Kit Installation Guide

Going through the instructions that are mentioned in the kit is a good option whereas being aware of the whole procedure.

  • Unplug the battery while one is working on it as this will make sure that there are no unintentional fires.
  • One gets to choose where to put the push button which becomes a benefit while doing this work. This decision is totally upon the owner so that they can easily start their automobile.
  • Take off the nut from the starter’s positive side. To prevent losing it, make sure to store it in a secure location. Later, it will have to be replaced.
  • Remove roughly one-fourth of the wire used to start the car by a crimping tool, then attach an eyelet connection that fits the stud. The connection will then be crimped onto the wire, the eyelet will be placed over the stud, and the nut will be reattached.
  • It becomes difficult at this point to ensure the wire won’t hit the engine or any sharp edges while gently guiding it through the passenger side of the automobile. Make sure one haves an extra three or four inches of the room before clipping the wire once it has been passed into the passenger compartment and can reach the switch. The insulation will then be removed, a crimp connector will be installed which will be inserted into the switch.
  • The push-button switch will then be attached to the connection switch, and this wire will then be led to one’s car’s battery. Make sure the wire won’t come into contact with any hot surfaces or jagged edges by taking the same safety measures.
  • Once everything is set up, one can test out their new push-button start system by reconnecting the battery inside the car.


For a trendy automobile in this modernized time, push-button start mechanisms are excellent. But in case they start giving you trouble you should probably take professional help.

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