Can You Register A Car With A Suspended License?

Owning a valid driver’s license is a form of clearance to drive on the roads legally. If the license gets suspended, it can be inconvenient for a certain period. You need to get the issues resolved quickly and have the suspension removed. 

Meanwhile, if you wish to purchase and register a vehicle using your suspended license, you might be wondering, is it possible? As per the law, irrespective of which state in America you reside in, you can register a vehicle using your suspended license. But, keep in mind this varies based on state laws and the car dealer you are getting the vehicle from. 

Furthermore, it is considered a criminal offense if you drive using a suspended license and can get many penalty points on your record. If caught, your license will be suspended or revoked, and you may face penalties based on your circumstances.

This makes one wonder why someone with a suspended license who cannot drive the car needs to register a vehicle? Besides, you need to provide proof of insurance and a valid driving license to the car dealer to make the purchase. 

So, is it possible to purchase a new vehicle or get proof of insurance without any hassles, even if you have a suspended license? Peruse on to find out if you can register or not with a suspended license. 

Suspended License: General Overview

Before we take the plunge, let’s get a better understanding of suspended licenses. If your car license is suspended, you cannot drive your vehicle for either a definite or an indefinite time frame. 

When it comes to definite suspension, your license gets cleared after a specific period has passed, and you can have it back. As for indefinite suspension, there is no specific set time. You’ll either have to pay off the fines or appear in court to get your license back.

Reasons Why Your License Get Suspended

With your driving privileges suspended, you will not be able to drive on the roads for a specific timeframe mentioned in the notice.

A few common reasons for suspension include:

  • Drunk driving or taking the wheels after consuming alcohol.
  • Have accumulated speeding tickets or violated traffic rules multiple times. 
  • Did not pay traffic court fines or appear in court. 
  • Reckless driving.  
  • No valid insurance. 
  • Medically not fit.

Is Your License Suspended? How Can You Find Out?

If your license is suspended, you will receive a notification from the DMV by mail to the address mentioned in your file. This is one of the main reasons you need to update the DMV with the updated address each time you relocate.

Since it is not legal to drive your vehicle while your driving privileges are suspended, you need to follow the instructions mentioned in order carefully. The notification contains details about the traffic fines you need to be, infractions, and how you can get your license reinstated. 

The suspension might be due to several minor traffic violations or a serious one in most cases. Based on the offense you committed, your license will remain suspended for a definite or indefinite period. In addition to paying the traffic fines, you may end up serving a jail sentence of up to six months for serious violations. 

Possibilities Of Registering A Vehicle With Suspended License

You can buy and register a new car using your suspended license or even without a driver’s license in most states across the US. But, you must produce insurance proof to register your auto in certain states. The truth is, you need a valid license to acquire the insurance. 

States like Texas allow individuals to register vehicles even with a suspended license. The reason is that some states consider registration and driver’s licenses separate legal entities.

If you plan to purchase and register a new auto in Texas or Pennsylvania, you need the manufacturers and ownership titles. You will also need the previous registration receipt for previously owned vehicles. 

Now, even if you have successfully managed to register an auto with the suspended license, you will not be able to take it out from the dealer’s warehouse. While under suspension, you are legally not permitted to go behind the wheels. In such cases, while registering the vehicle, you will have to provide details of the person who will drive the car. 

In certain states, the rules are more stringent for suspended license holders. If the vehicle owner holds a suspended license, registration or re-registration is not possible.

This is to make sure that everyone pays off the traffic fines. In states like Florida, your tags can be renewed only if you resolve all issues related to the suspension.

How To Buy And Register A Vehicle With A Suspended License?

Still, wondering if you can register for a vehicle even if your license is suspended? State laws do not prevent owners from purchasing a vehicle even if they do not have a license.

However, you will not be able to drive it on the roads, as all the states across the US require a valid driver’s license to get behind the wheels.

On the other hand, you approach a dealership to claim the ownership title, but you need to produce insurance proof for your vehicle. Unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain valid car insurance without a valid license.

So, the only drawback of purchasing a vehicle with suspended licenses is you will not be able to drive it around. However, you can get someone else to drive you around till your license is reinstated.

Final Thoughts

Having your driving license suspended, even for a short period, can be a devastating issue as it inhibits your ability to drive on the roads. What if you’re planning to register for a brand new auto or re-register your vehicle while holding this suspension? 

Though most states allow owners to get their vehicles registered, you will have to produce valid insurance proof in some states, which is possible only if you have a valid driving license. The rules vary for each state and car dealer you purchase the auto from. 

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