Callahan Brake Parts Review

The condition of your brakes is critical to your safety on the road, so you must keep them in excellent working order.

In addition to the brake servo and master cylinder, the brake system includes a hydraulic brake fluid pressurization system that pressurizes the hydraulic brake fluid in the brake lines and actuates the brake caliper pistons.

Once the brake pad and rotor are squeezed together, friction is created and your car slows down as a result.

Even if you intend to have your brake discs fitted by a professional, buying brake discs online can save you money in the long run, as stores and dealers will overcharge you for the components.

If you decide to go this route, you should know what to look for. In this article, we will discuss Callahan brake parts and show some of the best brake parts and discs available to help you in your daily driving.

Are Callahan Brake Calipers Any Good?

Callahan brake calipers are made from high-strength steel, which helps minimize noise and dust buildup on your brakes.

They are a fantastic upgrade to your brake pads in terms of performance, and they also help minimize vehicle downtime.

As for the downsides of these calipers, there are a couple of them to keep in mind before you buy them.

Callahan Brake Parts Reviews

Below are our reviews of the best Callahan brake parts you can hold in your hands.

1. Callahan CRK11228

All the components necessary to perform a complete brake disc and pad replacement are included in the CRK11228 front brake disc kit.

The rotors included in this kit are ready to install right out of the box. There is no need for any further machining or preparation.

The ceramic material improves heat dissipation over the rotor surface, resulting in better overall braking performance and longer rotor life. This brake pad set, like the rotors, is ready to use right out of the box.

2. Callahan CCK11471

Specifically, this kit includes a pair of calipers for your car’s rear axle. If your car’s rear calipers are starting to show signs of wear and need to be replaced, you may want to look into the CCK11471, as it will save you the money you would have spent on a complete kit, while meeting your needs in the short term.

The tweezers are composed of ceramic, making them very light and robust while still being extremely lightweight.

They include dust-resistant features that ensure that while braking hard, there is little or no noise emission.

3. Callahan CCK02479

This pair of rear calipers is intended for Ford Super Duty vehicles of different production years. Please check that the component numbers are correct for your car.

After remanufacturing, the calipers are pressure tested to verify that quality and braking uniformity are maintained.

Like all Callahan components, they are ready to install straight out of the package and come complete with all necessary mounting hardware.

4. Callahan CRK13661 

If you’re looking to save a few dollars on your budget, this CRK13661 are like all the others, premium quality brake parts at an affordable cost. 

When you need to make a splash, these incredible devices will automatically stop at a moment’s notice and keep you and your family safe.

These are currently a little similar to the previous models. But, these from my point of view, are more convenient for your pocket.

Anyway, we love their unique formula, which works to reduce noise and dust in a very efficient way.

 5. Callahan CCK11013 

Another complete kit, CCK11013, contains rotors, calipers, pads, and all necessary hardware to completely rebuild the front brake system of a vehicle with disc brakes.

The calipers included in this kit can be new or remanufactured to OEM specifications. Before shipment, all components (both new and remanufactured) are pressure tested.

Ceramic brake pads provide a quieter ride, less dust, and a pad that lasts longer. This kit comes with a 12-month warranty, which is the same warranty offered on other Callahan products.

6. Callahan CCK12339

If you are looking for brake components, this is another product you should consider purchasing. As soon as you purchase this item, the braking mechanism of your car will improve.

Just as you checked the last product, you should make sure that this product is compatible with the vehicle. It is not compatible with all cars.

The calipers that you will get have been remanufactured. And as a result, you will be able to get a lot of new products. For example, springs, seals, bushings, and a variety of other items will be included in your order.

Callahan Vs Powerstop

Power Stop brakes, like Callahan brakes, are produced and developed primarily in the United States.

Power Stop manufactures its brake components using metals and semi-metals, which are sourced from various suppliers. This is what distinguishes Power Stop from Callahan.

The use of a ceramic fiber composite in the hardware of Power Stop brake parts has contributed to the production of lower or near-silent noise compared to that produced by Callahan brake components.

How to Choose Callahan Brake Parts

Read the considerations below that you will need to keep in mind while purchasing Callahan calipers. These factors can give you confidence during any trip. 


Cast iron is often used in the production of brake discs. It is a suitable material, but it is also the heaviest of the three.

Steel, often referred to as layered steel, is another material used. Steel rotors are lighter and dissipate heat better than cast iron rotors.

Aluminum is another material used for rotors and is particularly popular for motorcycle rotors because of its low weight.

Apart from that, some rotors are made entirely of carbon fiber. Carbon rotors have outstanding heat dissipation and performance characteristics and are lightweight.

Finally, ceramic (and carbon-ceramic) rotors are said to have unmatched cooling and heat dissipation capabilities.


Every time you get in your car and drive, brake discs are exposed to a barrage of moisture, dirt, and other debris.

This can accelerate the development of rust on your brake rotors, which is an especially unpleasant reality for people who have to travel through the snow on their way to work.


Most customers choose new rotors that are the same size as the ones that came with their vehicle, meaning they get rotors that are the same size as their stock units.

Some drivers, on the other hand, opt to purchase “big brake kits” to get more stopping power and a competitive advantage in racing.

These kits come with larger rotors, as well as other high-performance parts and components.

However, when it comes to braking performance, bigger is not necessarily better, so do your research before investing in one of these kits.


Where Are Callahan Brake Parts Manufactured?

Callahan brakes are currently manufactured in the United States, and one of the production facilities is located in the state of Illinois.

Does Power Stop own Callahan?

Power Stop LLC is the company that owns Callahan.

Final Thoughts – Callahan Brake Parts Review

As a result, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of Callahan brake components to assist you. Various brake components, such as brake pads, rotors, and calipers, are referred to as “brake parts”.

You can search for brake parts kits that include all the necessary components. Callahan brake systems are built with reliability in mind, using proven components.

That’s why selecting the right brake components is so important to overall safety. Poor braking performance, excessive noise, and a low, spongy pedal are just a few of the warning signs that it’s time to repair your vehicle’s brake components.

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