Best Brake Pads For Harley Davidson Touring

Do you like to enjoy a long ride with your Harley Davidson bike? Then, without the safety features, your life may be at risk. A bike’s braking ability is one of the most important factors for a biker. However, some bikers overlook the need to use brake pads. These pads are essential for safer brakes, as they minimize vibrations and reduce the braking distance. You can find brake pads available in different materials, like organic, ceramic, and semi-metallic.

Moreover, there are several brands manufacturing quality brake pads for bikes. Which is the best brake pad for Harley Davidson bikes? To make the right choice, you can read our review.

Brake Pads For Harley Davidson Touring

EBC Brake pads EBPCK1027CeramicRear
Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Sintered Brake Pads CopperFront and rear
Brake Pads ECCPP Carbon FiberFront
Zinger Brake Pad for Harley DavidsonCeramicRear
Master Chen Front Rear Brake Pads Sintered metal Front and rear

Best Brake Pads For Harley Davidson Touring 

1. EBC Brake pads EBPCK1027 (Best as ceramic rear brakes)

EBC brake pad models fit perfectly for most Harley Davidson bikes. The kit consists of two models- for the front and the rear one. As one of the leading brands, EBC has offered high-quality pads for your bike’s brake.


  • Design and durability– The trusted brand, EBC, has designed unique brake pads that ensure ultra-high friction. Made of quality materials, the double-H sintered brake pads are other similar products available in the market. Although they are thinner, they have high braking efficiency. 
  • Performance– The custom-designed brake pads are high-performance products and keep you safe on the road. EBC claims that they are thoroughly tested products, which endure both wet and dry weather conditions. The stopping power is higher than that of other sintered models.
  • Compatibility– You can buy these brake pads for FLHX Street Glide 2008-2013, 2014-2015, Glide, and Special 2015.


  • High friction
  • Lightweight
  • Best for different weather conditions


  • Noise issues complained about by a few users.

As these brake pads fit most of the models, you can buy this kit. You will find optimal performance and high build quality.

2. Foreverun Motor Front and Rear Sintered Brake Pads  (Best as copper pads)

We have chosen these brake pads for those who desire budget-friendly products. At an affordable rate, you will get these front-rear brake pads for your bikes. 


  • Design and durability-As they are sintered metal pads, they last longer compared to organic pads. Manufacturers have used copper to design these brake pads. Although heavy braking generates heat, these pads can withstand it. You can drive your bike through any muddy terrain without concerns.
  • Performance– The specially designed brake pads ensure your safety. You may move your bike through the winding road.
  • Compatibility– You can purchase these brake pads for most Harley Davidson street-cruiser bikes and touring models.


  • Three sets of pads
  • High resilience
  • Endure heat from your brakes


  • Producing a squeaking sound 

We have found that these brake pads are reliable in terms of performance and resilience. You may try out these pads for your Harley Davidson touring models.

3. Brake Pads ECCPP  (Best as a low-priced model)

It is another set of brake pads with flawless design and reliable performance. You can install these brake pads easily with simple tools.


  • Design and durability– Manufacturers have used carbon fibers to design these unique brake pads. The carbon brake pads have high-strength fibers. This design helps in reinforcing the friction materials, and it results in thermal stability. These brake pads can minimize the rotor’s abrasion level.
  • Performance– The stopping power of these brake pads will give a high value to your investment. You can control your bike in a better way. These brake pads do not produce noise.
  • Compatibility– You may buy these brake pads for Harley Davidson, and other vehicles, like Polaris Big Boss, Polaris Scrambler, Polaris Sport, and Polaris Magnum. 


  • Easily installable
  • Best for front and rear position
  • No noise issue
  • A strong brake response


  • Can leave brake dust

At a very low rate, you will get the best quality Harley Davidson brake pads. Moreover, the high durability is one of the reasons for choosing these brake pads. 

4. Zinger Brake Pad for Harley Davidson (Best for sensitive brake design)

Zinger is one of the highly recognized companies manufacturing brakes and its kits. Lots of users like its products for a lasting value and reliable performance. These brake pads have also gone beyond our anticipations.


  • Design and durability– Zinger has tried to offer OEM-quality brake pads for Harley Davidson bike users. The Double-H rating will benefit you, as it ensures the most effective braking. Moreover, the highly temperature-resistant design has made these brake pads a perfect choice for all seasons.
  • Performance– You will find the best braking performance with these brake pads. Although there may be sandy creeks, rocky terrains, and muddy roads, these brake pads retain their performance. 
  • Compatibility– The brake pads are compatible with Street Glide, Road Glide, Electra Glide, Night Road, and Street Road.


  • Multiple braking pad sets 
  • Lightweight design
  • Best for both rear and front brakes


  • Can make a slight noise

We have found this package versatile for Harley Davidson bike users. The kit includes an additional front brake pad for rainy days.

5. Master Chen Front Rear Brake Pads  (Best for high heat resistance)

You can invest in these brake pads as you need to ride your bike through different road conditions and terrains. Master Chen has offered quality brake pads for Harley Davidson bikes.


  • Design and durability– Manufacturers have created a heat-protected design for these brake pads. The long-lasting pads ensure that you do not need to replace them for several years. The heat from your braking system will not damage these pads.
  • Performance– You will get better control of your brake on muddy and wet roads. The bike’s brake will work smoothly, and you will feel no vibration. These brake pads also reduce the noise generated by the braking system.
  • Compatibility– The pads work perfectly with Electra Glide FLHT, Road Glide FLTR FLTRi 2000-2007, and FA400FR.


  • Restore braking capabilities
  • Bump-free brakes
  • Reduce noise


  • Thinner pads

There is no complicated design, and you can set up these pads within a few minutes. You may read manufacturers’ instructions for the proper installation process.

Guide to Buying the Best Brake Pads for your Harley Davidson Bikes

To find the high-quality brake pads, you have to check for-

1. Materials used in the pads

Based on the materials used for the pads, you can identify the type. The metallic brakes are sintered models, while the non-metallic ones are organic brake pads. There are also semi-metallic pads, which combine the features of the other two models. When you look for pads making no noise, you can choose organic pads. However, to ride your bike on wet terrain, it is better to use sintered pads. One of the issues with organic pads is that they can turn out brake dust.

2. Compatibility of your brake pads

Compatibility is the most important factor while choosing brake pads. Not all pads are compatible with every bike. Manufacturers always mention vehicle models with which you can use their brake pads.

3. Rotors

Brake pads always work with a particular type of rotor. Thus, you have to find the type of rotor used for your bike. When brake pads are not compatible, they can damage your rotors. For instance, steel, stainless steel, and cast iron rotors can work best with organic brake pads. Ceramic brake pads work safely with chrome-plated and aluminum alloy rotors.


Brake pads are available as a set. Do you need to replace both rear and front pads at a time?

No, you can replace any one of the brake pads based on your needs. In most cases, two pads wear out at different rates.

How will I know that my brake pads are in perfect condition?

You must inspect your brake pads regularly. Take a flashlight and check the calipers. You have to analyze both the outer and inner pads. The deterioration sign of the friction lining indicates that you must replace your pads.

Moreover, you need to listen to sounds generated by your brake pads. When you hear a scraping and grinding sound, you have to buy new pads to replace the old ones.

How long do my braking pads last?

Several factors are affecting the lifespan of these braking pads. Regular aggressive riding can affect the durability of your pads. Thus, you can try to be a careful bike rider to avoid this problem. In some cases, rear brake pads wear out faster than front ones.

Final Thoughts

It is now easy for us to buy the best brake pads for Harley Davidson touring models. You can find most of the kits include brake pads with other items. Thus, by purchasing those kits, you will get the ultimate value. Read our reviews and find the right brake pad for your vehicles.

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