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Brakes are always the most important one of all the integral parts of a car. Without reliable brakes in your vehicle, your life may be at risk.

You may have found the names of different brands manufacturing quality brakes for automobiles.

Hart is one of the most known brands with a range of brakes for car owners. Although this brand has very few products in the market, you may feel confused while choosing one.

Hart has also manufactured brake kits for your vehicle. It is not easy to find a brake that fits your car.

That is why we have selected the best products of this brand to make your purchase easier.

Comparison table

PLATINUM HART DRILLED SLOT BRAKE PHCC.4417302Platinum Cross-Drilled Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Pads
Hart Full Kit Brake BHCC.34128.02Black Brake Rotors Kit+Ceramic Brake Pads
Hart BHCC.44092.02Black Cross-Drilled Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Pads
Black Hart Full Kit BrakeCross-Drilled Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Pads

Hart BHCC.66080.02 Drilled Slotted Brake
Black Cross-Drilled Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Pads

Top 5 Best Hart Brakes


 We have found this comprehensive brake kit useful for lots of SUV owners. With a rotors kit, pads, and other accessories, this kit is the ultimate choice to serve your purpose.

Design– Hart has created the crossed-drilled, diamond-slotted design for its brakes. Due to these drills, air can move through rotors smoothly.

The rotors will have no burning risks, as the heat can dissipate constantly.

Moreover, the silver-zinc coating applied to the model increases the lifespan and prevents rusting issues. Moreover, ceramic pads are best for both front and rear uses.

Performance– With a set of precision slots, you can find the incomparable performance of these brakes. You can easily stop your super-fast vehicle without a risk.

These hart brakes have pleased automobile owners with their high responsiveness.

Thus, precise stopping ability is one of the major features of ceramic brake pads. Brakes can stop your car with minimal noise.


  • No modification needed
  • Wear-resistant and frictionless design
  • No noise


  • The coating is not of high quality.

We have picked these brakes for their high stopping capability. Diamond slots have refined the performance, and the brakes can respond properly under wet conditions. Visit to check the price.

2. Hart Full Kit Brake BHCC.35083.02 – Best for 2011-2019 BMW X5, X6

Due to the high vehicle compatibility, we have found this brake a versatile choice. The slotted design, ceramic pads, and several other features are highly noticeable.

These black brakes have surpassed our anticipations.

Design– You can find these Hart brakes with high durability and a rust-resistant design. The black zinc coating is responsible for protecting the surface from rusting problems.

The crossed drilled holes across the brakes prevent the problem, like overheating. That is why rotors can last long and can serve you best.

Due to the OEM-like design, they can fit on Volkswagen and Audi A3. Besides, ceramic brake pads are also of good quality. You do not need to change those pads for several years. 

Performance– The braking capability is one of the most notable features of this highly engineered product from Hart.

You can stop your vehicle with little effort due to the diamond slot present on the rotor surface. You will find ultimate precision in the braking performance. 


  • No dust
  • Effective braking
  • Easy to install


  • No complaints found

You can buy these performance brakes for your race cars. You will find consistent performance and no risk of dust.

3. Hart BHCC.44092.02 – Best for Lexus cars

We have chosen another set of reliable brakes with a precision-slotted surface. Hart has mostly designed cross-drilled brakes, and this product is one of them.

High-end performance and flawless design are some of the major reasons for choosing this product. Visit to check the price.

Design– You can find no flaw in the overall design of these brakes. Due to this special design, the brakes are easily installable.

You do not need any mechanic to assemble them properly. There is a direct bolt-on design created for the hardware. That is why these brakes can last long.

Performance– With ceramic pads and slotted rotors, the brake set ensures a high level of responsiveness.

Moreover, due to the quality ceramic pads, you will find quiet performance.  There will be no screeching sound with these brakes.

Moreover, you will find no risk of overheating due to the holes.


  • Good stopping performance
  • Produce no noise
  • Include different hardware parts


  • Very thin brake pads

You can choose this brake set for Lexus vehicles that need high elegance and sporty touch. You will find multiple color choices and patterns with these Hart brakes. 

4. Black Hart Full Kit BrakeBest for 2006-2010 Hummer

The black, properly coated brake kit is another choice in our Hart brakes review. You can find all the distinctive Hart brake features in this kit.

Most of the users have found that these brakes have retained their original look for several years. 

Design– Hart has focused on both aesthetics and functionalities to design these brakes.

Although your vehicle tires may show off their rotors, you do not need to worry. Due to the special coating, there is no corrosion and rusting problem.

You will get a lasting value from these brakes. Precision slots and cross-drilled holes are common to almost all the Hart brakes.

These holes ensure ventilation, and your rotors will cool down within a short time.

Performance– The quiet performance of these brakes has impressed us. You will also find a precise fit and stopping power. The brake design minimizes the dust buildup level.


  • Easy installation 
  • High longevity
  • Affordable price
  • Good stopping potential


  • Need better coating

Ensure your safety with these high-quality Hart brakes. The high durable brakes also look shiny due to the coating applied to them.

5. Hart BHCC.66080.02 Drilled Slotted Brake – Best for SUVs

Hart has offered a comprehensive kit for those who need brakes and accessories. The premium coating with drilled holes has made these brakes long-lasting.

The rotor design and quality pads have persuaded us to choose this package for you.

Design– The gorgeous black brakes have a zinc coating on the surface. This coating minimizes friction while increasing the rotors’ lifespan.

The brakes with drilled holes and precision are easy to install. They also have a bolt-on design to let you install them without modifications.

Performance– These brakes are known for their effective stopping capabilities. However, for better performance, you can add ceramic pads included in the package.


  • Reliable braking performance 
  • Works better with ceramic pads
  • Zinc coating


  • Can make your front rims dirty

Hart has made advanced ceramic formulations for the pads. The crossed-drilled design ensures low noise and low dust.

Also, the ready-to-install brakes have the best design. 

Guide to buying the Best Hart brakes

You have already read our review of the best quality and most reliable Hart brakes. Still, you cannot decide on what to choose for your vehicles.

To purchase your brakes, you need to focus on many factors.


Brakes have some integrated components, including pads, rotors, and discs. However, you may not find pads and rotors in all the brake kits.

Some packages include additional hardware, like bolts and installation brackets. Another important item found in the package is the brake fluid.

Holes and rotor slots

Quality is the vital factor while checking the rotor of your brake. It has slots and holes to provide you with high-quality brakes and the best braking performance. 

For instance, drilled holes add aesthetics to the design and have a high functional value. Due to heat dissipation, you will find a longer lifespan.

Slots are small lines present on the surface for high responsiveness.

Slots and pad materials

One of the most notable parts of a brake system is the braking pad. Thus, the pad materials must be of high quality to give you a lasting value. 

It is better to have soft ceramic pads that do not cause screeching sounds while using the brake.

Moreover, ceramic has high durability and does not produce dust. To get the utmost advantage, you can replace other pads with ceramic pads.

While pad materials are important factors, you have to consider slots. These slotted pads ensure a better grip with more responsive and precise braking. They will help in minimizing wear and tear.

Color and coating on the brake kits

Some brakes are available, like gold, black, and platinum models. However, by checking the color, you can identify the coating.

In most cases, manufacturers have added zinc coating to the rotor to ensure better protection.

You can avoid wear and tear and corrosion due to this zinc coating. Thus, your brake system can last long.

Compatibility of the brakes

Your chosen Hart brakes must work with your vehicle. When you have chosen the wrong brakes, you will get no value from the deal.

To know the compatibility, you need to check your vehicle’s manufacturing year and model.

What is there in the package?

You can find a set of brake rotors and individual rotors. The comprehensive set can cost more.

However, when you have replaced all your vehicle’s brakes, it will be highly advantageous for you.


Does the brand, Hart itself, design its products?

Hart imports materials from China to manufacture its brakes. The professional team at Hart assembles the imported part to design brakes in their facility. 

When do I need to replace these brakes?

You must replace Hart brakes and any other branded brakes when they have become worn out.

The braking quality is the most important factor that makes a difference in the lifespan. Some brakes start wearing out at 5000 miles, while others can deteriorate at about 10000 miles.

The screeching sound indicates that you have to replace your old brakes.

I have stepped on the pedal, and the brakes produce a squeaking sound. Does it denote any problem?

Some low-quality brakes can be noisier. You can do some modifications to minimize the noise level.

You may also look for a low-metallic, ceramic brake pad to keep away from noise issues. However, brake pads also wear out over time, and they need replacement.

Why do brake pedals vibrate during the application of the brake

When you have not installed new brakes, you may find this issue. You must replace the broken brakes with the new ones.

Thus, you need to deal with different braking controls at a range of speeds. Another reason for which you can encounter the problem is the material buildup on the rotor.

The warped rotor also causes the problem.

Why do we buy slotted rotors?

These slotted rotors are the perfect options for disrupting the heat transfer process from rotors to your brakes.

Moreover, they ensure the best brake speed by removing gases and dust in your rotor and pads.

But, drill holes on your brakes provide you with comparatively better performance. 

Why do my rotors have become black?

The frequent riding of vehicles can make your rotors black due to heat. It is better to inspect the brake pad and prevent it from touching your metal backing plates.

What are the most common features found in Hart brakes?

Durability is the most common feature of hart brakes. Moreover, these brakes are very easy to install, as the packages include basic installation kits.

Hart has made its product distinctive by manufacturing innovative, noiseless brakes. Slots and drilled holes are also present in most of the Hart brakes.

Final Thoughts – Best Hart Brakes Reviews

Our Hart brakes review will let you find the best product of this reliable brand. Read our reviews and check the features of each of our chosen models to buy the right one.

We have analyzed customer reviews to pick every product. Thus, you may rely on our guide to purchasing the Hart brake.

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