Best Avid 1 Wheels Review

You can never drive a vehicle without wheels. Although other vehicle parts play an important role, you cannot overlook wheels. You may feel that wheels have no differences in their designs. But, you must check the rim size, spokes, and several other factors to buy wheels. It would help if you bought quality wheels from a reliable brand.

However, as there are wheel manufacturers, you may not easily decide on the right brand. We have found that Avid 1 has earned a reputation in the wheel manufacturing industry from analyzing different branded products. Avid 1 has launched a range of wheels for vehicle owners. We have now picked the best products of this brand for our review.

Our Top Picks Avid 1 WheelsComparison table

Avid.1 AV-12-15×8 inchesAluminum
AVID.1 AV-20 Custom Wheel21 x 21 x 12 inchesAluminum
AVID.1 AV-06 Custom Wheel17×8 to 18×10.5. inchesAluminum
AVID.1 AV-21 Custom Wheel18×9.5 and 18×8.5. inchesAluminum
AVID.1 AV-02 Custom Wheel15×6.5, inchesAluminum

Top 5 Pick of the Avid 1 Wheels Review

The best way to know how good or bad a brand is is to analyze what it offers. Here is our review of the best wheels that Avid.1:

Avid.1 AV-12 (Best for stunning color options)

 With our consistent effort of searching for the best Avid 1 wheels, we have found this product highly reliable. The uniquely designed wheels have beat their competitors. You can find the wheel in different color choices.


  • Design– The center caps and an offset of 25mm have attracted the attention of several buyers. You may mount the wheel to most of the vehicles. The wheel is available in black-bronze, pure black, and machined chrome colors. At a reasonable price, you can avail of the best quality wheels for your vehicles.
  • Compatibility– The dimension of the wheel is about 15×8. Still, you can find it easy to fit it in large and small vehicles without any issue. 


  • Found in beautiful colors and stunning designs
  • Designed especially for small vehicles
  • Center caps have simplified the installation process


  • Not right for the big SUVs and trucks

The flawless construction has pleased us. Moreover, the genuine customer reviews reveal that the wheel can last long. In terms of compatibility, the wheel has found no negative compatibility.

AVID.1 AV-20 Custom Wheel (Best for the lightweight design)

Avid engineers have focused on every detail to manufacture this custom wheelset. Lots of automobile owners have invested in this wheel for its attractive look and highly functional value.


  • Design– The use of aluminum has made this wheel durable and lightweight. Moreover, manufacturers have applied quality finishes to prevent bumps and scratches. The wheel is available in multiple color options, like white, bronze, gun, and machined.
  • Compatibility– Avid has designed AV-20 in more than one size. Thus, based on the vehicle model and other factors, you can easily fit the wheel with your kits.


  • Designed for vehicles of different vehicles
  • An aluminum model
  • Beautiful look due to premium finishes


  • May not be compatible with off-road automobiles.

The highly resilient wheel can endure the load of your vehicle. This quality wheel looks best with any high-end vehicle, like SUV.

AVID.1 AV-06 Custom Wheel (Best for the long-lasting finish)

Avid has made its products distinguished in the market with its custom wheels. The impressive construction and technologically advanced design have made the custom wheel highly popular. The colors available for you are magnificent gold, white, matte black, and bronze.


  • Design– Avid has used aluminum alloy (high-end) to design the custom wheel. You can find no issue with durability. The top-quality finish applied on the wheel has grabbed our attention.
  • Compatibility– The dimension of the wheel ranges from 17×8 to 18×10.5. We think it to be a standard wheel size to buy wheels for any vehicle. Still, you can check the original wheel size of your vehicle and then invest in this product.


  • Attractive and distinctive tones and colors
  • Better compatibility 
  • Aluminum model- Highly resilient


  • Not perfect for large-sized automobiles

What has most pleased us is the unique color. Make your vehicle aesthetic and more functional with this wheel.

AVID.1 AV-21 Custom Wheel (Best for easy installation)

When you are looking for a custom wheel with a simplistic design, you can prefer this product. You will find a sporty performance by fitting this wheel to your vehicle.


  • Design– Avid has created an aerospace build by combining a lightweight aluminum alloy. Due to the high resilience, you can take the wheel speed to a higher level. Another notable thing about this wheel is the casting technology (low-pressure) with the special powder coating. 
  • Compatibility– The wheel is available in two dimensions- 18×9.5 and 18×8.5. You may buy it to use the wheel with different vehicles. Try out this cost-effective wheel for your vehicle.


  • Aluminum design
  • Weather-resistant coating
  • Highly sturdy


  • Must have more size options

You may buy this custom wheel to gain speed while driving the vehicle. Moreover, the vehicle design has no flaw ensuring the best performance throughout the year.

AVID.1 AV-02 Custom Wheel (Best for small vehicles)

The custom wheel model, AV-02, is one of the impressive products from Avid. With a minimalistic design, the wheel gives the best value to your investment. 


  • Design– The cast aluminum (pressure-die) has made the custom wheel highly durable. The reliable construction has gained the trust of several users. You will find the wheel in a black matte color.
  • Compatibility– The wheel’s dimension is about 15×6.5 inches, and this is a perfect choice for most small cars. Install the wheel and find a difference in the performance of your vehicle.


  • High durability 
  • Stunning matte look
  • Perfect for a small vehicle


  • No multiple size and color options

You may purchase this wheel for off-roading and sporting performance. The durability has pleased us to choose the wheel as one of the best products in the market. 

Guide to Buying the Best Avid 1 Wheels

Avid 1 has released different wheel models to serve different automobile manufacturers. However, it may not be easy for you to pick the right wheel for your vehicle. Based on the make and model of your automobile, you can invest in the Avid 1 wheel.

Factors that are important to purchase the wheel

  • Finish, coating, and color of your wheel

When you check the wheel’s design, you have to identify these things. You can find wheels available in dissimilar finishes. Most of the Avid 1 wheels have attractive color options. Based on your vehicle’s model, you can pick the right one. From matte black to white, all the color choices are there for you. Some wheels have metallic tones, like gunmetal, machined, and hyper. While you prefer a shinier model, you may choose gold and bronze finishes.

  • Design and materials

One of the notable factors to buyers is wheel construction. Avid 1 takes the best care of the wheel design, and thus, you will not find signs of damage to these branded wheels. You can find aluminum alloys used in most of the wheels. However, it is also essential to know about the build process and coatings. 

The die-cast design is the unsurpassed option, as it makes the wheel highly durable. Moreover, there must be multiple coatings to make the wheel long-lasting. The coating can prevent rust and corrosion problems in the future.

  • Size of your wheels

As there are diverse car models, they have diverse wheel sizes. That is why you must not overlook the size of your chosen wheels. Buy something, which perfectly fits your car. The manufacture always mentions the rim’s dimension to help buyers in choosing the right product.

These are some highly relevant factors to buy Avid 1 wheels for your car.


Why do I buy Avid 1 wheels?

Avid 1 is better than several other brands in the market. Moreover, it uses high-quality materials to design its wheels. You can find the best performance of your vehicles using these wheels.

Can I use Avid 1 wheels for my sports cars?

Yes. Avid 1 has designed its wheels for all vehicle types, including race cars and off-roading models. Due to the high-end design, these wheels are compatible with most cars. 

Who manufactures and designs Avid 1 wheels?

Autotech Accessories is responsible for providing parts of Avid 1 wheels. Thus, these parts come straight from the USA. You will find the ultimate quality in Avid 1 wheel parts.

Can I use Avid 1 wheels for SUVs and trucks?

All Avid 1 wheels are designed especially for SUVs and trucks. However, most of these wheels work best with small cars. Avid 1 has focused on sedans and sports cars to design its wheels. However, there are options for large vehicles. 


We can now conclude that our comprehensive Avid 1 wheels review will let you pick the right product. You can find it easy to purchase the right wheel model for your vehicle. Although there are other wheel manufacturers, the Avid.1 models are a perfect choice. The quality finishes have made these wheels long-lasting. Read our review thoroughly and analyze each of the products. You will find a difference in the size and compatibility of every wheel.

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