Best Air Cleaner For Sportster 1200

Harley Davidson is one of the best-known brands in the motorcycle business, and for good reason.

Because of this, it is very easy to locate replacement components for these motorcycles.

The best air filter for the Sportster 1200 has been featured. Finding the best air filter for a Harley Sportster can be difficult at times due to the sheer number of different types and models available on the market.

After all, why is it essential to use an air filter? The air filter is responsible for filtering contaminated air before sending it to the turbine.

You and your motorcycle would benefit from learning more about the best air filter for your Sportster motorcycle.

Best Air Cleaner For Sportster 1200

1. Air Cleaner Intake Filter Kit CNC

The NT edition of the Air Cleaner Intake Filter Kit is built for the highest performance possible.

The latest air cleaner has a black housing with an anodized finish, allowing it to fit almost any compatible motorcycle.

This scrubber comes with a billet aluminum faceplate that allows it to withstand humidity and harsh temperatures.

This air purifier can be washed and reused, which means it can be used for a longer period of time if properly maintained.

It only needs a quick wash and dry before being reinstalled. This internal ventilation device is designed in such a way that there would be no hoses, oil traps, or belts to deal with during construction.

2. Turbine Spike Air Cleaner for Harley Sportster 1200

If you want the right service for your Harley XL Sportster (1991-2019), you should think about the.

Although it is not a universal air filter that can fit all varieties of motorcycles, it is the perfect accessory to think about for your motorcycle.

It comes in the same color you see on Amazon (satin black) and its circular design can contribute to the overall fashionable look of your bike.

The Turbine Spike air filter is a well-made, durable, and high-performance air filter that is worth considering if it fits your bike’s specifications.

It has an exposed filter feature that increases the airflow rate through the carburetor. In addition, the backing plate is an intriguing feature that contributes to smooth airflow through the throttle body.

3. Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Intake

The Vance & Ines VO2 air filter is very easy to operate from the outside. There are no additional modifications that might make it look clumsy.

The bike’s engine chamber doesn’t look as appealing to handle, but there aren’t too many parts to deal with.

We can safely assume that it is built with hard parts that are extremely resistant to moisture.

This air filter allows you to maintain the original appearance of your bike, serving as a perfect repair package to use with your original air filter mask.

A wide inlet backing plate and dual billet port venturi help draw more air into the engine, providing more power to the bike.

It’s a bare air filter, so if you want to mask it off, you can use one of the VO2 Skullcap VO2 covers.

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4. KIPA Air Cleaner Intake Filter System Kit For Harley Davidson Sportster 

It is a good product for Harley Davidson Sportster that is made of Billet Aluminum. The KIPA air filter is a brand new filter with an all-in-one internal venting mechanism.

I love the look and efficiency of the KIPA air filter. Plus, the air filter is more advanced than a $500 alternative.

Why is that? Not only because of its looks and performance but even because of some changes such as clean installation, no oil pickup, and reusability, the KIPA air filter has taken the planet by storm.

Check this air system package is compatible with all fuel injected and carbureted versions.

The KIPA air filter is very expensive. You can buy it comfortably. Along with the air filter, you get an instruction manual, and it allows for wire changes as a trim.

KIPA air filters are precisely the right size to keep you out of trouble.

5. XKH- Chrome Air Cleaner Intake Filter System

Looking for another intake filter system kit for the Harley Sportster 1200, check it out! We put this air filter to the test on a 2005 Sportster 1200.

It fits well. The fast shipping was what we liked most about the XKH air filter. Also, it’s a shame they don’t have manuals, even though the air filter is simple to use.

All in all, the installation phase was a breeze for us. Some Amazon reviews mention that parts are missing.

However, I believe these are paid reviews! And we have never seen a single component missing! The XKH air filter was bolted directly to our Harley.

Finally, by using an air filter, you will improve engine efficiency. Without a doubt, the chrome air filter outperforms a stock air filter.

6. Arlen Ness 18-803 Big Sucker Performance Air Filter

If you want to buy it from Arlen-Ness? The Arlen-Ness exhaust air filter package is of an exceptional standard and provides a complete power change.

As we said earlier, expert mechanics evaluate our aftermarket items, and the Arlen filter is no exception.

We have mounted an Arlen-Ness air filter on a ’97 Harley Sportster 1200 with no problems. It looks fantastic because the filter is constructed with an aluminum pad.

In addition, the air filter is Carb-compatible and high-end for Harley-Davidson. How do I know if the Arlen air filter is more offensive than the original filter?

7. Spike turbine AIR CLEANER for harley sportster

This product is sponsored by Happy-Motor, who doesn’t like their Sportster models to have a gray filter? We put it on a 2016 Harley Roadster and it fits perfectly.

The construction of the following herringbone turbine cleaner is made from Billet aluminum, and the pattern is considered long-lasting in performance.

You should make sure that the merchandise you have selected is of good quality. It is comforting to know that Happy-goods Motor is made with care.

The maximum airflow will be noticed in the air filter configuration, and the airflow will end up developing the throttle body.

8. GUAIMI Air Cleaner Intake Filter System Kit For Sportster

GUAIMI store offers an air cleaner air filter kit for Sportster XL1200. This product is made of high-quality aluminum housing.

You should think about the GUAIMI air filter for a long time. In addition, the filter is reusable – it can be washed, dried, and re-oiled! GUAIMI air filter is reliable to remove the restrictions of a Harley Sportster car.

We required an instruction manual and intake filter but only received a single guide. It could be a challenge for certain citizens to assemble the filter system.

The GUIMI air filter, on the other hand, has a fashionable look. It gives your motorcycle a nice and unique look.

9. Krator KM005-C Chrome Dual Spike Intake Air Cleaner Filter

Who doesn’t like to shop at the Krator store? Let us give them a standing ovation for their deluxe air filter package for the 2004-2019 Sportster.

Krator manufacturers design their products to provide better throttle response.

You should use the following High Flow Air Filter, which greatly improves power. it can be an excellent addition to your Harley Davidson! Without a doubt, the Krator Air Filter is designed to be a lifetime air filter, it can be installed in 60+10 minutes.

You can see that the Krator intake mechanism is not expensive despite being equipped with 360 Degree Slotted Spike technology.

We tested how quickly the intake system improved efficiency after installing it on a Harley-Davidson 1200T.

10.  Lingdu Air Filter Turbine CNC Air Cleaner Intake System Kit For Harley

This is a black Velocity Stack intake system kit. Choose a product that is consistent with the Sportster 1200.

So far, so good with the Lingdu air filter. You may consider purchasing it from the manufacturer K&N, but this will suffice on a tight budget.

The Lingdu air filter is designed in a manner close to that of the high-end vendors, except with the addition of Billet aluminum.

As a result, it looks fantastic. At first glance, the air filter appears to be made of high-quality materials.

You get brand new merchandise from the seller. What you should do before buying it is to check the installation requirements.

Never discount the Lingdu air filter over any other top manufacturer, as the brand has proven to be highly effective.

How to Choose the Best Air Cleaner For Sportster 1200


This is an extremely important consideration when purchasing an air cleaner for your motorcycle.

Check if the cleaner you are buying is safe to use on your motorcycle. The pollution standards of any state.

For example, California restricts the number of air filters that can be used on a bike.


Since air filters are not standardized, they are not supposed to work on all styles of bikes.

Knowing this, it is essential that you first check the specifications of your bike and refine your search based on this detail.

This is because every bike has a slightly different operating system. Before placing an order, be sure to read the manufacturer’s specifications to get the most out of your bike.

Is it possible to reuse the filter?

One of the main selling points of most air filtration devices is the ability of their filters to be cleaned and reused.

Because they are reused during repairs, these filters are referred to as lifetime filter components. These filters typically require maintenance after five to six years of use.

The Installation Procedure

An air purifier that is difficult to install could cost you extra money to employ a specialist or secure quality time that could have been spent on other important items.

Air purifiers with basic designs are usually simple to build. This is due to the fact that you have less additional hardware to work with.

Before buying any filtration device, be sure to check the installation specifications as well as the hardware.

Quality of Parts

You don’t want to think about an air filter that isn’t durable. It can be exhausting and time-consuming.

Prefer an air filter with parts constructed of aluminum or stainless steel. Almost all of the units we tested were constructed of billet aluminum, which is thinner and more corrosion resistant than regular aluminum.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found our evaluation guide helpful in selecting the best air filter for Sportster 1200.

Product samples from the best manufacturers have been included. It is suggested to verify the quality and offer a fair price for the product.

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