Audi A4 Battery Location and How to Replace the Battery

It is quite natural to wonder where the battery of your Audi A4 is located. Everyone expects the battery of a car to be located in the bonnet. However, this is not always the case, especially in German cars. The case may be different. If you are here because you are wondering where the battery of your Audi A4 is, then this article is for you. 

There are different years of production and models of the A4, and we will look at each. If you have the editions from 2008, the battery is found in the car’s boot for easier reach. But for models below, have them stored in the bay of the vehicle’s engine.

A4 B5 (from 1994 to 2001)

If you are looking for the battery of your Audi A4 B5, it is just in the engine bay. When you open the bonnet of your car, the engine compartment is always covered. Take out the engine’s cover, and look towards the part of the engine close to the windscreen, on the driver’s side. The battery is covered with a black cover. Take it out gently so you do not rupture the rubber. When you take it out, you will see the battery of B5 from 94 to 2001.

A4 B6 (from 2000 to 2006)

If you own an Audi A4 B6 and you’re wondering where the battery could be, you’ll see the battery in the engine compartment once you open up the vehicle’s bonnet. The battery is placed in the center of the compartment, close to the windscreen. Now take it easy; the battery used by the Audi A4 B6 is not lightweight. It weighs more than 53 pounds, so be careful whenever you want to remove the battery to make a replacement.

A4 B7 (from 2004 to 2009)

It has been argued that there’s not much difference between the Audi A4 B7 and B6 for several reasons. Like the B6, the battery is located in the engine compartment. The battery is also in the center of the engine unit, close to the windscreen, only this time. It is tilted a little bit close to the driver’s side. This makes the removal of the battery a little bit weird and uncomfortable. The battery is also heavy, so take care when removing it.

A4 B8 (from 2008 to 2016)

The B8 introduced many changes to the whole look and performance of the Audi A4 series. If you open your bonnet looking for your car battery in the engine bay, you will not find it because the B8 battery location is different. The battery is kept in the boot of the car. When you open the boot, you will need to lift the rug of the boot, and then there’s a cover used to protect the battery. After you take out the cover, you will see the battery protected by a metal lid.

A4 B9 (from 2016 to 2023)

This model is known to be one of the best models of the Audi A4 series because of the look and performance of the car. If you want to replace the battery of this vehicle, the battery is found in the boot, similar to the B9 model. Once you open the boot, you will need to light the rug of the boot to one side and then start to open up the covers till you get to the battery. The battery of this model is quite heavy, so when you want to take it out, you have to be careful.


How do I Replace the Battery of my Audi A4?

Whenever you want to replace the battery of any Audi A4, the process is the same no matter the model and year you are using. To replace the battery, you will need the necessary tools to remove the negative and positive ends of the battery connectors.

You will most likely need a wrench to loosen the bolts of the battery’s positive and negative connectors. Once you have done this, please remove the battery safely and carefully. Some of them are heavy, especially the B6 and B7 models. Once you’ve put the new battery, you will need to tighten the nuts back.

After tightening the nuts, kick the car to test if the car will come on.

How do I Choose the Right Battery for my Car?

The Audi A4 series is a beautiful car model, and many people who love Audi like to opt for this option. The car is beautifully designed, and the engine of the car is smooth. All of the functioning of this car is because of the battery and engine of the car.

You must be careful to choose the right battery for your Audi A4. The Audi A4 series battery size is not big, so whenever you want to go for this car’s battery, you need to make sure that the size is a perfect fit for your car. After considering the size, the next thing you need to look out for is the car’s health, especially when buying a used battery, it is always good to check the battery’s health.

Is it Possible to Code the Battery of my Audi A4?

Most people think that coding the battery of their Audi A4 is difficult. But to tell the truth, it is not. If you have the basic tools, you can easily code the battery. You will first need to get a scanner known as OBD-II. This scanner will help you connect the battery to the computer with the cord. Immediately after you connect it to the computer, you will see the code on your computer after starting your car’s engine.

Enter the coding menu on the screen of the scanner. You can find this coding menu in the diagnostics option. Under the coding option, you will find “AUD; select it. 


No matter the Audi brand you are using, it is always good to know the car’s battery if you need to replace it. It is always good to replace your car’s battery every three years. As long as it’s a good battery you purchase, it should last you for a long time.

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