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Good Manufacturing Practices Award - 2008

Thunder Ranch - Tom McBurnie

“This year’s recipient of the Association of Handcrafted Automobile’s GMP award has been in the automobile and replica industry for years.  When making a list of the who’s who in the history of the handcrafted industry this gentleman needs to be listed. Tom McBurnie is a craftsman and a true promoter of the industry.  Tom’s creation of the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 (Daytona) used in the Television series “Miami Vice” helped to promote and enlighten many people as to the abilities of the replica industry.  Tom’s has had many creations over the years.  His current company Thunder Ranch builds beautiful Speedsters and Spyders along with numerous other creations of a high quality. Tom represents what the Good Manufacturing Practices award was envisioned to be.”

Dean Hornbacher, President AHA



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