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Extreme Handcrafted Award - 2008

Ron Padua - Thunder Ranch Phantom

When Ron Padua was looking for something different with a pedigree of a Porsche, he went to Tom McBurnie at Thunder Ranch to create the vision.  Tom started with a 356 Speedster and then took a left turn at Extreme.  The list of of modifications that turned this Porsche into our 2008 Extreme Handcrafted Automobile winner includes:

  • Widening of the body by 7" in the rear (houses 10" wide tires on 16" Porsche Twist Wheels - 8" wide in front)

  • Suicide Doors

  • Custom carbon fiber air ducts behind the doors cooling the engine

  • A custom modified tonneau liberated from a 1989 Porsche 911 and molded into the body lines

  • All door handles inside - outside is smooth

  • Porsche 550 Spyder instrument cluster dash with hidden switches and stereo

  • Porsche 930 style running boards

  • Custom windshield installation with no lower frame - windshield into the body

  • Finish it in gloss black with red leather interior


Our 3 man judging crew made up of Lead Judge Mike Dresbach, Industry representative Rich Anderson - owner operator of Shell Valley Companies, and our first winner of the class - Darren Freidman went over the car with a fine tooth comb and found it not only passed the entry requirements for the class but also qualified with enough points to win! 

Congratulations Ron on a great example of what can be done and to Tom McBurnie and the team at Thunder Ranch for the design and execution of a dream.


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