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This year created a Tech Tent to allow owners and participants to get some first class assistance in some of the normal issues involved in building and owning a kit car.  This was only possible with the help of a lot of great friends...

Thanks in 2007 from the A.H.A.

Rich Anderson and Bob Kalio of Shell Valley/Midstates

Jeff Classic of Cobra-N-Vettes - Fiberglass Fabrication

Reg Dodd of Backdraft Racing - Race versus street

Mike Dresbach of Eagle Awards - Car Appraising for insurance or selling   

Curt Scott of Cobra Country - How to take Great Pictures of your car

Harold Pace of Kit Car Builder - Buying and Selling Kit Cars

Ramone Vazques of Upholstery Zone - Upholstering Your Ride

Ken Whitney of Wire 1 Hotrod - Kit Car Wiring

The Tech Seminar Tent is being sponsored by



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