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Ryo Miyaki - Robnell Cobra

The Robnell is an Australian Cobra manufacturer. It's the first Robnell to be created with left-hand drive. It's also the first Export Spec Robnell. I believe it's also the only Robnell in the United States. This particular Robnell was also flown into the United States within the belly of a 747.

When I was looking for a cobra, I ran across the Robnell. The primary reason I have a Robnell is because it's probably one of the safer cobras on the road. From a safety point of view, it does pass the Australian DOT requirements. It has side impact beams. The body is made of Kevlar, lending it allot of strength. The suspension is very modern in design with sway bars front and rear. The ride is particularly nice. My particular Robnell is installed with a Bosch Anti-lock brake system made specifically for Robnell. Traction control is also available if you go the Motec fuel injection route. I personally wanted a carburated motor to simplify on the electronics for my first cobra. When I was discussing rollbars with my wife, we decided on a full-width rollbar. It's hard to explain to your significant other that one head is more important than the other. A third brake light was also standard equipment. It could have been deleted, but when dealing with such a small car and my history of being rear ended, I figure it couldn't hurt. On the side pipes, stainless heat shields were added that run the full length of the cobra. It's funny what's come into your head when you have children. The interior is traditional except for the door handle, glove box, placement of the emergency brake, head rests, seats on rails, and ashtray. I'm kidding about the ashtray.

Allot of Cobra purists would take exceptions to some of my additions. If I was 10 years younger, it would be as close to the original as it can be, but with time your priority changes. I consider myself very lucky to have a Cobra, and family that understands my insanity.



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