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Peter and JoAnne Gilmore - Eagle GT

The Eagle GT is a Porsche 914 based replica from the early 80's(?).  This car was running when purchased.  The clutch was slipping, so I started restoring the mechanicals.  I will replace the interior as well.  The Eagle GT appears to be a good quality conversion.  Nissan 3.0L V6.

7/7/07 Update - After years of fighting with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, I am pleased to say I have been able to Register my Eagle GT for Street use. I was able to get an exemption on Emission Testing by declaring my Vehicle as a "Limited Use" Specialty/Show car. Arizona recently relented due to extreme pressure from the many owners of collector and special built type vehicles. I then applied for a special personal plate that will say "EAGLE GT".
These departments are not going out of their way to let anyone know about this recent change in policy. Please spread the word. Many states are now recognizing the fact that there are many custom built vehicles out there.
The main requirement is to have the vehicle insured by a Collector Car Insurance company and the declaration of " limited use" in place when going to apply for registration. The Insurance company must be qualified as a " collector car insurance company " and must provide special insurance codes to the Arizona Department of Transportation specific to your vehicle.
This issue always has had an effect on my efforts to complete the vehicle. I figured if I can't drive the car, I was in no hurry to complete the car. Now I can go forward and enjoy the car at the same time.
I have completed most of the mechanical projects including having a flywheel made to mate the Nissan 3.0 V-6 to the Porsche Transaxle. I am sure you can imagine the cost of this 914-6 Flywheel with the Nissan mounting pattern.
The car runs fast with the horsepower at 2 to 3 times the original output as a 914. I will know for sure when I take it in for a dyno test.
The original 3 piece BBS wheels came back from restoration with the centers painted black instead of the traditional gold and dated design. I mounted Dunlap Qualifier Tires and I am running Hoosier racing tubes for safety.
I hope to finish and show the Eagle at an event next year.




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