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Nathan Swapp - Stallion & GT40K

The Stallion I've had since 1994. After I found it was a total rebuild in 1 year that is about the time I joined AHA I was interested in what others were doing with different Vehicles, get some new ideas. my Stallion was on the "Fun under the SUN "T"shirt 2 years ago. I go to various car shows and Race tracks and take pictures for ideas for my next project. Willow Springs Raceway is about 1/2 hour from my home.

I am building a GT40K at this time. It is a Kellison fiberglass body and a Mid Engineering Tubular chassis modified to accept a 1967 Ford 427 Sideoiler mated to a Porsche G930 Transaxle With A Tecalemit-Jackson Fuel Injection System(made in England) All other parts are from other vehicles and modified/rebuilt to fit my needs and added to my Project. The steering wheel center is designed and built from scratch for the GT40.

I guess the bottom line is that I like People who make there own style cars. It would be very boring if every one had 57 Chevy's.



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