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Dave Martin - Upstate Super Replicars Daytona Coupe
   I had an NAF Cobra 427SC that I bought as a kit in 1989 and had been driving 
since 1993.  Over time, as all gear heads are wont to do, I tinkered with it every 
winter, new rear brakes system, better radiator, adding a sump to the fuel tank.
After 10 years it was to the point where it was as close to perfect I could get it
without welding and bodywork - that's when it was time for a new one. 
  What to build?  Another Cobra? Done That!  A Ferrari?  never tripped my trigger,
add also Lambo's to that...  Corvette Grand Sport - closer but not really a Chevy
kind of guy.  How about a Daytona Coupe?  next generation Cobra, built by the
same guys, powered by the same Blue Oval.  yeah baby...
    Ok, now who's?  There are a hand full of really nice Coupe kits out there and
choosing the right one to fit around the motor I have will take allot of research
and looking.  Short version - after looking at the 4 top contenders at Knott's in 
2004, I ended up visiting 2 factories.  Both have really nice cars and anybody 
could do well selecting either but when you can actually sit in and touch the kits, 
it's usually one that connects with you and that one was Bill Connelly's from
Upstate Super Replicars outside of Albany, New York.  The body maintains the
original looks - it was pulled from one of the original 6 - and is one of the most
well put together kit's I've seen.  Sold!  now just to get it home.


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