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Extreme Cobra takes 2nd place in class at 58th Annual Grand National Roadster Show

Yes you read this right!!!  Club Member Darren Friedman and his Extreme Handcrafted West Coast Cobra took Second Place in class at the 58th Annual Grand National Roadster Show at the Pomona Fairgrounds this past January.  Entry to the judging is by invitation only - which by itself is a great honor - but when you add a Cobra to a traditional Hot Rod show and it wins, that says a lot about the quality of build on the vehicle. 

If you remember Darren and his silver snake took the first annual "A.H.A. Extreme Handcrafted Award" at last years Knott's Berry Farm Show so it's not a lot of surprise that it could hold it's own with some of the best Hot Rod's in the nation.  After a couple of years on the show circuit, Darren and the gang up at West Coast Cobra's spent 2 months prepping the car back to it's original brilliance - they are the team who put it together originally.


Also present was Darren's next project - an all aluminum polished Kirkham Roadster with the optional Sebring top and the first of a new series of Roush all aluminum 427 motors.  Suffice to say that corner of the show building required sunglasses to even approach.


We'll get more details and pictures up soon but we wanted to get the word out first and give Darren our congratulations for a job well done!


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