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Bob Kaiser - Fierro 600

Much to the surprise of all who see it, this car is a daily driver. Many times I have had people say, I can't believe you are driving that way, it is the only one of its type in existence. I explained that I bought the car for everyone’s enjoyment and believe it should have its freedom instead of solitude.

The car is a Fierro 600 that was designed by Joseph Fierro in 1982. There were a total of 14 bodies made, with the original intention of going on the VW pan/chassis. In 1983, GM showed interest in Joe's company and in 1984, GM released the Fiero (only one "r"). This car is the only one to be completed (thanks to Ken Whitney - purchase was more like an adoption) and actually mounted on the Fiero chassis. The body was mounted on a 1984 Fiero chassis. The engine was replaced with a low mileage 1988 Fiero 2.8 liter V6. The interior is the standard Fiero with the updates of wood overlay on instruments and gauges. The tachometer has been replaced with one for the V6 engine and the 85 MPH speedometer was replaced with a 120 MPH one. The paint color is a 1971 T-bird color of Strawberry.



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