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Press Release - January 1, 2019

On December 8th, 2018 the Association of Handcrafted Automobile Board of Directors voted to dissolve the club effective January 1, 2019. 

The club was created in November, 1979 when the Bugatti Replica Auto Group (BRAG), Sterling and Kelmark Clubs of Orange County agreed to combine and create a single group for the benefit of ALL the local Handcrafted Automobile owners.  The original charter created a President, and a board of 6 voting members to administer to the clubs direction and needs.  The first “picnic” at Knotts Berry Farm occurred in 1980.

Forty years later we find that we can no longer meet the requirements of our Charter.  We are not able to field a full Board and so it is time to dissolve the club.  Our membership has continued to decline as owners find many different ways to enjoy their hobby and get information on building and improving their cars where a “club” is no longer needed for this as it was 40 years ago. 

As agreed in our December meeting, we have liquified our accounts and made a single donation to the Braille Institute of Los Angeles in January – the clubs chosen Charity.

The Web Site – – will be maintained through the end of 2019 to allow final closure and the ability for people to make use of the many articles, newsletters and tech papers we have posted.

The members of the Association of Handcrafted Automobiles would like to thank everyone who has been a part of our family, and supported us and our “Fun Under the Sun Handcrafted Automobile Show” for the past 40 years.  Even though the “official club” may be absent, the members and friends will continue to get together and talk cars, and enjoy each other’s company as we have done over the years.

Dean Hornbacher – President

Mike Dresbach – Vice President

Ron Biggerstaff – Membership Chair

Elliott Smith – Activities Chair

Dave Martin – Treasurer / Newsletter Editor



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